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    Our First Careless Rapture

    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    When in doubt blame the Americans, is that your logic?
    The problem is that you want power and you want to be loved. But the two are not compatible.

    So we tell you to you face that we love you, just as you tell us to our face that you love us, but at the same time we use one another for the purposes of power.

    Fortunately we are a loved child of the British Empire and we know what it is to be loved and love in return.

    And so we remain loyal to our first careless rapture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Please, Peguy, please!

    We are colonials and we loved being part of the British Empire.

    So we never revolted against lawful authority and we never attacked one another in a civil war.

    We remained loyal to the Crown and Crown Law while you continue to spread lawless revolution and civil war around the world as a form of repetition compulsion.
    Once upon a time there was a man and his little son. The man liked to go out and brawl, and did not have much time for his son. Though the son liked his father's company, he still had so much time alone. He read strange books and brawled with the neighbors and even rubbed elbows with his father's enemies from time to time, without the father's knowledge.

    One day, though, the neighbors got together and tried to attack the son. The father defended him; but instead of the thanks he expected he got nothing but grief, and instead of obedience he'd seen everything his son had done while he was away, and was not pleased, not pleased at all.

    The son wouldn't give up the way he lived his life, though. He'd become quite comfortable with it, grown up with it, couldn't stand the stricter rules and newly-enforced rules the father put on him, without listening to how the old way was better -- and the father and son got into fights over this. Big fights. Tables were overturned and dishes were broken, even a door torn from its hinges.

    And so, the boy left home. And the father... he was tired. The son was incourrigible and not very productive. So, he let him go.

    The father had many more sons after the boy, but he had learned a very valuable lesson after that -- keep your children on a very tight leash!
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    1) All humans are equal before the law. This is a core principle of modern Western Civilization. The idea of a monarchy in any fashion is just retarded in this day and age.
    Some people are born to the rich and powerful and so will have the most opportunities, some to the poor and weak, in your own country as well. The only way to prevent this is communism, which I gather you don't support, and has yet to be made workable. We're equal before the law insofar as everyone is required to obey the same laws, as are the Royal family. The government cannot be not required to ensure that everyone is raised in the same circumstances, and in this case everyone's a winner anyway (except any Royal who'd really rather have a regular job and fade in to obscurity, and I do think it should be made easier to do so, as it couldn't possibly be the dream life for everyone).

    3) "Most democratic" country is not exactly glowing praise to someone like me. The republic is where it's at. Part of the job of a constitution (and government in general) is to restrain the people.
    Oh yes democracy is flawed and people expect things from it that it's not capable of delivering, or designed to deliver, but it's not backwards. It's one of the best systems currently in use for preventing backwards things like serious abuses of authority (as leaders know they'll be voted out of office if they don't compete to keep people happy with their efforts) and civil war (as fewer people are likely to be or feel oppressed when leaders have to compromise to stay in favour with enough voters). It seems to be quite effective at keeping people civilised towards each other, when conducted properly.

    4) Also, again with taxes, I don't think it's right that tax money goes to the royals not to work and chill out in their palaces. This may be a net positive with the tourism, but I am against taking money from some so that others may not work (in ALL cases).
    Even if it were true that what they do cannot be considered work (and I disagree, by what definition is it not?), if I were expected to serve in the armed forces just because of whose son I was, if I were required to profess allegience to a particular religion, dress and behave in a particular way and never publically reveal a party political opinion despite being in the public eye from cradle to grave, like a ceremonial robot, had my life mapped out for me and knew that if I wanted an incompatible occupation or lifestyle and thus rejected the throne I'd be shunned and regarded as a traitor and still could never truly lead a normal life, hell I'd want to be financially supported in return.

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