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    It makes me think of the red guard incidents during the cultural revolution.

    On the other hand I think that there's a place for this kind of behaviour, people take a lot of stuff online that they wouldnt much public in real life, they also indulge behaviour that they wouldnt otherwise and it can then encourage that same behaviour.

    I remember someone telling me about their work with sex offenders who used the internet and how they never made any connection between the content they searched and saved and the people involved and the harm done, OK their problems didnt begin with the internet but all the same, it wouldnt do any harm if the internet wasnt the escapist playground for badness that its become.
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    Thought provoking.

    I never thought I'd feel bad for someone that stomped a kitten to death. It was definitely a perverse thing to do, but then I know a thing or two about paraphilias and sometimes I feel bad for the people that have them. Some people are actually sexually aroused by that sort of violence (some people who aren't are never the less paid money to do it, to satisfy those who are). Whether she's a paraphiliac herself, or someone that was paid to do it, either way, it must suck to be hunted down and ostracized. I guess maybe I'm also rolling my eyes a bit because all of those people probably unwittingly support mass torture of animals (we practically all do).

    Ahem, but possibly unwarranted sympathy aside, there are practical concerns with this approach. She was fired, her life was apparently trashed, but she wasn't apprehended or counseled. For all I know, she'd just respond to her losses by sublimating her anger in to stomping on more kittens. That's why punishment alone is almost never a good idea.

    This extends to the broader implications of this social phenomenon. It will make people who do possibly shameful things live in fear, but will it really reduce the odds that they do it? It might just create a negative atmosphere for no benefit. And of course, as I'm sure everyone else here is thinking, the very idea of what is or isn't a guilty act is not absolute. People may be punished for things that don't seem wrong to me at all. Furthermore, the rumors get out of hand, and then people who never even did what they are accused of will be punished.

    Lastly, it's awfully funny that China of all places should end up being a case for the presence of government (when most of the time, it seems like a place that shows how government can go wrong). Things like this, this tyranny of majority establishing mob mentality, shows just how terrifying ungoverned people can be.
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