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    Shitty conspiracy theory video which insulted my intelligence. Some tard INTJ suggested it (not from this board)

    First of all, they got a bunch of mythology wrong, proceeded to reject all mysticism and at then at the same time claimed that banks are some sort of super natural organizations. But, the most insulting of all was their witness testimonies of 9/11 :"Ah herd dere wuz dis boom boom boom!!" Oh I get it, that means it was a controlled demolition and not a terrorist attack. Gtfo town, bro
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    A friend who's way into conspiracy stuff once recommended. Once I heard about it, I decided against viewing it. I have zero patience for conspiracies (to the point where I'm one of the folks who doesn't believe there was a JFK conspiracy, it was just ol' Oswald by his lonesome).
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    At first, I found the cause to be intriguing. However, there were numerous conjectures and things taken out of context to fit these various orchestrated conspiracies. It was a collage, featuring random tid bits of theological information, interviews, anti-Fed and 9/11 "Truther" propaganda, all strewn together to form a jumbled reasoning for reforming society as a whole.

    While it recounted patterns and reoccurring symbols among religions, it didn't explicate why any of them were either true or false from a rational or empirical perspective. They left the audience to determine what to do with the information without drawing a fine conclusion of their own. It left alot to the imagination, which is fine for a work of fiction, but Zietgeist : The Movie didn't claim to be that at all.

    I vaguely remember the information about the Federal Reserve. In fact, the reserve is a private company which is separate of Federal power, but not independent. I wound up using strips of the information to support an essay I did for my Eng professor that year. I got an A, but the prof may have thought I was either unhealthy or crazy.

    I can't recall much else for certain, since most of my memories of those kinds of conspiracy videos are just a mangled, indistinguishable mess in my memory, all under the alarming title "CONSPIRACY SHIT".

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    Saw the series on YouTube and Google.

    I liked the premise, though do not trust the utopian vision and 9-11 theory, and think the slamming of Christianity is unnecessary (though we did bring a lot of that on ourselves by getting caught up in the capitalist system and defending it as if it were really from the Bible).

    What I liked about it was the concept of scarcity vs abundance. Like the way things are today, we are feeling scarcity, but all the money has not been taken off the planet. There is plenty of abundance in big business, entertainment, and various global developments. Yet we have "Tea Party" rhetoric making many of us believe the poor in this country are getting all the money, and that the powers who do have all the money "deserve" it all, so that doesnt; count; in fact, if we would stop taxing them to give to undeserving poor and keep giving them more, then they would magically create more money and all would have more.
    But every two decades, we have administrations that give them more, and all they do is pocket it, or spread it around the world, and then we crash, and the fingerpointing game begains as to whether it was a current or previous administration's fault.
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    I'm an avid listener of Coast to Coast AM and I enjoy an Alex Jones documentary now and again (if just for the fun of them), but I'm going to have to agree with the consensus here. It's been a few years since I saw it, but I recall being pretty dumbfounded by how ridiculous some of the claims in that movie were. There was a lot of fact thrown in for good effect, but like most grand conspiracies, those facts pieced together never formed a coherent whole that amounted to the underlying message. And like others have pointed out, even a lot of the facts were false, specifically the religion/mythology part.

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    It had interesting ideas, but I stopped taking it seriously the moment they got their mythology facts wrong. Do they really expect us to believe their revelations of super top secret materials from U.S. Government, when they can't even get some very basic and well-known facts rights?

    Also, the venus project(?) sound nice material for some Outer Limits episode, but I doubt it's functionality on a larger scale.
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    I saw them both a few months ago. I definitely think it was worth my time, even if I did or did not agree with what was said.

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