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    Why can't political leaders take a pay rate like a common citizen, and why don't common citizens get to prorogue their parliament, in order to purposely slow down the national economy?... Prime Minister - Political salaries revealed: Are we paying too much? ...If I'm a working common citizen, in which, I'm also listed as a taxable corporation in the governments eyes, then were is my bailout?... How are these political figures worth more than us in monetary value?

    How much do you think political leaders should be paid?

    How would you evaluate their worth in regards to their political position?

    Should high paid politicians pay higher taxes?
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    I'd be all for fixing thier pay to the median pay for thier districts (for local officials) in order to entice them to actually DO something for thier constituents- but the problem with that would be that only a rich person could afford to do that and maintain a "proper" style of living.

    I'd say that presidents are overpaid- especially considering that they never have to pay for anything while in office... congresspeople and senators as well... and I think they should have to buy thier own healthcare instead of getting the totally kick ass plan that they automatically get by being elected- that might give them some incentive to DO something

    of course, also the problem that that would cause more politicians to take bribes or for the office to only attract the very rich.... dammit- there's downsides to everything!
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    I don't mind politicians receiving a handsome salary. I think that, if we reduced their salaries, we would see more instances like this: - Affidavit: $90,000 found in congressman's freezer - May 22, 2006

    In Jefferson's case, he was just a corrupt individual. I just don't want to see a potentially borderline individual cross that line because he needs money.
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    I really liked what Marx and Engels had to say about salaried politicians, particularly in their writings about the Paris Commune.
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    At least in America, it's not just politicians who get paid more, it's pretty much anyone who works for the government rather than the private sector:

    Federal pay ahead of private industry -

    The link compares the salaries of federal and non-federal employees.
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