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    Default USA: Really Sad story...

    Pa. man dies during storm when 911 calls unheeded - Yahoo! News

    • Details of Mitchell's calls weren't passed on from one 911 operator to another as shifts changed, so each call was treated as a new incident.

    • Twice, ambulances were as close as a quarter-mile from Mitchell's home but drivers said deep snow prevented the vehicles from crossing a small bridge over railroad tracks to reach him. Mitchell was told each time he'd have to walk through the snow to the ambulances; in neither case did paramedics walk to get him.

    • Once, an ambulance made it across the bridge and was at the opposite end of the block on the narrow street where the couple lived — a little more than a football field's length. Again, paramedics didn't try to walk.

    "We failed this person," said Michael Huss, the city's public safety director.

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    This is ridiculous and sad.

    I know someone who called 911 because a person had broken into the apartments they owned. The intruder was still there, but didn't hear my friend come in, my friend walked quietly back outside and called 911. The operator argued with my friend that it was not an intruder but "his ex-girlfriend." WTF.

    She wouldn't believe him even after he explained that he had in no way made any reference to anything like an ex-girlfriend. The operator never sent the police to the residence. And never reported the call.

    This person also flagged down a patrol car and was told that they weren't allowed to go help him because they were only on patrol. WFT, again.

    Obviously this person complained, the 911 call was listened to and it was deemed that she had not done her job, the 911 operator had to go back through training, but she was not fired.

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    Wow. Absolutely terrible.
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    I bet if he'd lived in a better neighborhood they would have made getting there a priority

    I was the middle car in a car accident sandwich last winter and it took the cops an hour and a half to get there because it wasn't in the best area... we were all stuck sitting by the side of the road waiting in 20 degree weather, in the dark, for an hour and a half :steam:

    Even the cop admitted that it had to do with what neighborhood we were in!
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    Maybe he should have also called Dominoes Pizza they prolly would have got there faster.
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    i don't think thats one of those ppl who dreamed of saving lives as a kid...

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    It's sad and something needs to change at the 911 level but how did she not realize after 12 or 24 hours that maybe she should call someone else?

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    This is part of the problem (quoted from the article)

    Because he complained of abdominal pain, which is generally not considered life-threatening, he was initially ranked as a medium priority. About 11:20 a.m. Saturday, his priority level was upgraded, but not as an emergency
    I wonder if they told the 911 operators he had previously been hospitalized for pancreatitis - which is considered life-threatening and would have elevated the call status.

    But still - sad, sad story with a tragic outcome.
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