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    Default Nick Simmons plagiarizing off Bleach and other manga titles

    Quoted from Nick Simmons' Incarnate Halted Over Alleged Bleach Plagiarism (Updated) - Anime News Network
    Nick Simmons, the son of the Kiss rock band's lead singer Gene Simmons, launched the Incarnate series last August. Posters on the GameFAQs website's forum noted the similarities between Kubo's artwork (pictured at right) and Simmons' artwork (pictured at left) on Sunday, and the discussion spread to the Bleach Asylum forum and the Bleachness community on the LiveJournal website.
    bleachness: Gene Simmons' son Plagiarizing Bleach?
    (For loads of other comparisons.)

    I found it amusing how fast action was taken after someone first spotted the similarities about 4 days ago, and was even more surprised that Nick Simmons actually draws. Gonna watch the drama unfold.
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    A fail artist imitating a fail DBZ knockoff. Gene must be pretty PO'd by now considering how hard he works for all he has.

    Edit: BAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW @ Sticker's sig gif. ME WANT KITTY ^_^
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