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    So when do we invade Holland?
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
    Regarding the behaviour of our troops I can only direct you to Philip Zimbardo's work.
    Funnily enough I'm reading one of his books now. It's about time.

    And as for the government falling a lot, it's just part of the Dutch political system. The typical Dutch behaviour is negotiating and trying to reach a consensus. If that can't between the government parties there's not really a reason to uphold the charade and continue malfunctioning.
    I may be on shaky ground here, but as I recall the Dutch government signed up to the notion of "safe havens" in Bosnia - something that they were unable to enforce. The UK contingent rejected the notion as militarily unworkable and expressed doubts whether the so-called safe-havens would serve any useful purpose. In the event, the blunder effectively consolidated the Muslim population in a few manageable little areas and facilitated their genocide. It's interesting that the CO in Srebrenica, Thom Karremans, was promoted on his return to NL.

    From the outside, it seems that successive Dutch governments are so parochial they seem incapable of making good decisions; the consensus politics falls to pieces when translated onto an international platform.

    A political party that doesn't listen to the people is one that should have no place in the government, this is always regardless of international politics.
    You confuse majoratarianism with democracy. Populations are fickle, opinion poles vary and the media changes its line like the weather in England.

    Quote Originally Posted by peterk View Post
    Findlandization by the russians is the probable outcome and the USA would have to intervene again like we did in WWI,WWII, and the cold war.
    Germany (among others) has developed a curious, almost supine, relationship with Russia, largely based on the provision of energy resources. You make a good point.

    After Suez in '56, Europeans (apart from the French) are loath to act militarily without US endorsment.

    BTW thanks for helping us out in WWI & WWII . You were a bit late in joining the punch-up - but, as they say, better late than never.

    Appreciatively yours.

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    Oh, that happens all the time here in Italy. It's not such a big deal.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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