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Definitely not as much. If this post were made about the UK, I'd think it would be more fitting. It's not so much the exposure to sexual concepts that I think is unhealthy, just the emphasis there's been in the last several decades on giving children at younger and younger ages aspirations to be 'cool', which usually means un-childlike in every way (a principle that could well have been copied from the US, just taken in different directions). Children having 'boyfriends' and 'girlfriends' that they take quite seriously emotionally from the age of ten or younger is absurd to me even or especially if they're not doing anything sexual, and I felt it was when I was that age too. I watch elements of the American media that most Britons don't see and my overall picture is of a culture about as different from ours as one Western democracy could be from another. Most people do feel it's terrible to make a small child wear things saying 'porn star' or things like that, but it doesn't come from believing sex before marriage is wrong except in rather few people. We're just alarmed at how commercial interests seem to be pressuring children to act sexually and generally more grown up than they are before they even know what it's about and also giving adults the means to make children appear more sexual (as in that example). But it's just one aspect of a wider problem, the attacks on children's sense that they can just relax and be themselves, that whatever that might be, it's okay. Instead they've got to feel that they're not good enough until they're portraying a particular image, which makes them more exploitable by companies selling that image to them.
The USA is a society not based on history but on ideology.

The only way to understand the USA is to see it through the prism of ideology.

But the scary thing is that the USA sees us through the prism of ideology.

They don't see us as we are but as bit players in their ideological drama.

Another way to say it is that the USA is fabulous because it is a land of fables.

So the suspension of disbelief is essential. In fact those who don't believe are somehow un-American.

And seeing through the eyes of ideology, they can't see ideology. So they take it completely for granted and are impervious to another point of view.

All this would be comical if they weren't the largest economy in the world, and the largest for more than 100 years.

So we must cater to their ideological beliefs. Oz has been doing this since 1904 and has developed a dab hand.

For instance, by providing political support, with very little cost to ourselves, President George W. Bush gave us what we coveted, a free trade agreement.

Of course the USA believes their own ideology, and the only danger for us is that we might believe it too. At that point we are captured and instead of being first class Australians, we become second class Americans.

But of course, although we love Americans, we always remember an ideology is -

Pre-digested thought.
It serves interests
And it has a demonology.

But does that make an ideology obscene?