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Let me expend some of my insight:

  • Neither evolution nor creationism should be taught in school. They are just theories. School should just give me the facts, I can come up with the theories on my own time.
  • I'm outspokenly pro-choice, because babies are a mother and father's property. They are also the worst kind of STD (no offense to mothers who frequent here).
  • But at the same time, I am against irresponsible sexual activity (the kind of people who have sex all over the place and are surprised to learn that they're pregnant).
  • In the end, communism is the same thing as capitalism.
  • Hating cultures for eating dog is not being disrespectful to other cultures, those cultures are being disrespectful to man's best friend.
  • What is the religious concept of marriage (be it homo or hetero) doing in governmental affairs? How soon we forget the First Amendment...
  • To the politically correct liberals, we have practically already voted on the "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays" issue when it was discovered that the majority of the people in the Western World celebrate Christian holidays. In democracy, majority rules. (And besides, "Holiday" is "Holy Day.")
  • Even if you say B.C.E. and C.E. instead of B.C. and A.D., you cannot escape the religious connotations that are universal to any form of time measurement.
  • Prejudice has nothing to do with being uneducated, it has to do with experience and having good intuitions, and there is no greater education than experience.
  • Education is not synonymous with schooling. Anyone can set foot in a library and do research. Being formally educated (aka schooling) just means you have an expensive piece of paper to wave over the noses of those down below you.
  • It is because of politically correct mindsets that people aren't able to stick up for and express themselves as much as they'd like. Ironically, these concepts are both favorable to liberal-minded folk.
  • Republicans live in G.I. Joe cartoons, Democrats live in cheap romance novels. Does anyone truly have a firm grasp on reality?

So, I think I've demonstrated that I am far too complex to place myself in one party...what do you think?
It is better to say B.C. and A.D. since you cannot escape it anyway.

A piece of paper of course does not have anything to do with anything de facto.
People do not know or care about de facto. People are about de jure.

Money is also paper. People however believe in it.

What people believe is not the truth. However, what people believe affects the course of events. Many "witches" have died at stake because of peoples' beliefs.