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    Default Child Neglect or Abuse?

    To what extent do you think these are social problems or the responsibility of state agencies or authorities? Does the state cause more harm than good when it intervenes whatever the issue is? Are the costs of non-intervention tolerable?
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    Another Hobsons choice.

    State agencies tend to both under or over prosecute. Both become a major problem as well as result in public apathy (or paranoia), sloppy detective work and broken families. This however raises the question, "what is the alternative or are there any?" In the very least their should be the option for jury trials to "child dependency actions".

    In California it seems to be either ignore or over-prosecute. Harsh sanctions have left good families paranoid to spank their kid or let the kids watch after each other playing around the neighborhood.

    So on one hand you get a kid who is being neglected or abused and nobody will report because the state agencies (depending on their workload) will either do nothing or totally overreact.

    The result for the majority of society is a bunch of fat, unhealthy, TV/video game/Internet addicted kids with no manners.
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    Adults have children, not the state/authorities. Adults choose to make bad purchase decisions, buy drink or drugs over feeding their children.
    Adults are responcible for thier own behaviour, no one forced bad decision making on them, they do that by themselves.

    Some should be jailed, simple as that

    A child can also be abused through over indulgence... over indulgence can cause Narcassist personality disorer, a disotring of reality and a fractured personality... so abuse comes in a variety of forms

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