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    Everyone bashes TV. We got Discovery, Nat Geo, Link TV, lots of quality stuff.

    And for kids, it used to just be Nick Jr. and all that, but now they have Selena Gomez and iCarly slutting it up on their stations hehe... but there's lots more programming options now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Everyone bashes TV. We got Discovery, Nat Geo, Link TV, lots of quality stuff.
    This, and this. I recommend this book.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuni View Post
    Sorry, but Mythbusters is pure win. Argument fail get.
    And this, just because Mythbusters is indeed win.

    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    What do you learn on mythbusters exactly? I have an irrational hatred of that show brought on by FAR too much forced-watching when I really only enjoy 5-second clips of it. It's 99% them smashing things or "proving" or "disproving" things that are completely obvious, with a sample size of 1. grr. I know most people like the show, though. And it gets people interested in science supposedly and blah blah blah.
    Weirdly I didn't enjoy it nearly as much back when I just watched it because others did, but now that I have discovered it on my own I am a total addict/fanatic...

    The show to be is about questioning everything, and that some things that seem obvious really aren't, and some really are obvious. Mythbusters is also a different kind of science show. It isn't about merely teaching facts that have been found through science, but about the scientific method itself. Hypothesizing, gathering info, experimenting (sometimes with big booms), showing results, subjecting results to fan scruitiny, and repeating results. I doubt there are many other shows that do that.

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    I don't really agree that they use the scientific method (though to be fair I don't often pay attention to the show when it's being watched against my desire). The scientific method is all about gathering evidence and then forming a theory about it and testing it in a way that could either disprove the theory or support it. The show is entirely "testing it" (poorly), and none of the rest.

    They seem to go "cool thing" --> would it work in real life? --> make a model of the cool thing --> blow shit up once or twice --> make shaky conclusions

    I don't see them ever making up theories. There's a lot of finicky physics details about making the model and whether it's accurate to modelling the situation but not actually inventing theoretical stuff.

    I'm not saying you can't enjoy watching it, I can see its value and clearly it's popular, I just don't see what you could learn from it other than a few random facts they throw around sometimes. They did a segment once that I thought was pretty cool comparing drunk driving to tired driving, but it was extremely flawed testing so the conclusions are pretty meaningless. It just irritates me after a while. Cool idea, though (lots of cool ideas actually, I can't fault them on that).
    -end of thread-

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    I have the knowledge pack with my cable package and enjoy watching the history and discovery channels. I find them informative, insightful and a pleasure to watch.

    I think even the internet (youtube) can be beneficial in terms of gaining different perspectives (although i realise the argument given is their perspective so god knows what has been left out) but i was watching videos on Newton, Einstein and the universe on Monday night and now plan to fathom out if the universe is expanding or possible some form of illusion (yeah i may quit this line of thinking in a few days when my head explodes).

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    I don't know what you mean by nostalgia trip in some cases, because talent shows are older than dirt, they're the original vaudeville entertainment, and populated much of 50's and 60's television. Dancing and singing variety shows that have cropped up recently only just died out in the late 70's, maybe even the early 80s.

    Of course TV teaches you ever watch the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet or the History Channel or any number of non-fiction programs available on television? Any well-crafted drama can make you think, too...take Mad Men, for example. LOVE. THAT. SHOW. Plus there is children's programming galore out there with some kind of educational bent. People have also learned a great deal about medical terminology and disease from shows like ER and House.

    I'm also wondering what you think was so educational about old shows like "Charlie's Angels" or "Hawaii Five-O." I'm really at a loss there, bro. I tend to think you're romanticizing television of the past.

    Though I will say that a lot of 50's and 60's sitcoms...The Patty Duke Show, The Donna Reed Show, etc...even stuff as recent as Happy Days, All in the Family, and The Facts of Life taught morality lessons. I'm kind of guessing that's what you're hinting at.

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