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    TV is for entertainment as far as I am concerned.

    It is capable to air programming that is instructional in nature that when viewed results in learning of some capacity.

    But, I would venture to say that an educaton based solely on educational TV shows is hardly complete.

    It's all about money. The more money a producer has, the sexier they can make their shows, whether educational or not. From what I can tell, most educational shows, especially kids shows, appear to be developed on a limited budget.

    I have not viewed television with any regularity in over 15 years, and I intend to keep it that way. My kids watch videos of stuff my wife and I are cool with on our TV + DVD player. They watch it when we want them to, not when it comes on the air. The rest of the time they are playing, reading, drawing, making things with Legos, helping me do shores (baking, sweeping, etc.) and playing outside with us ala riding bicycles or kicking a soccer ball or playing catch. My kids are smart and speak better than almost all of their peers, and even better than kids older than them. They didn't get that way by being TV zombies.

    I like a good documentary now and again, but more often I buy magazines to stay current on world events, science, art, etc.
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    There are 3 or 4 channels in the Seattle area that are devoted to educational programming. Other than that sort of thing, TV never had education as a primary goal. It's always been about keeping you watching in order to sell goods via commercials.

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    they air reasonably good amount of documentaries in finland. also they show serious talk shows(nothing like oprah or dr.phil) where there can be for example 5 people who had a major depression and they talk about it very deeply, share personal thoughts and tell how they felt back then and how they got out of it, and they talk about it like an hour. atm there is kind of informational program that talks about mistreatment of a rheumatism patient and about discontinuing a rheumatism hospital and how will it effect the patients, reducing budget of municipalities and how the reduced budget effects, interview of chief executive officer of municipality union, about romanians who came to finland to beg money but had jobs at ski centers etc.
    later there will be two different documents about birds, one about nesting and one about common buzzard. documentary about what happens in animal pregnancy. and about if robots can replace human love.
    all of those in one channel.
    from other channels there will be documentary about rivers in canada, program about ecological traveling, about moon traveling, about skyscrapers, stories told by russian people from their real life, architecture in rio de janeiro, queen elisabeth IInd, about silkroad, about former president of finland.
    also there is another program similar to whats on now coming from other channel and one program about health(again nothing like "The doctors").
    then there are some crappy american style "documentaries" about some criminals. and these are just from basic channels today.

    i guess tv can teach, but i dont know if tv in every country can teach much
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    One quote of Axel Springer, the former owner of the most read newspaper here in germany, the "Bild": "Wer in diesem Business Erfolg haben will, darf nicht belehren, aufklären, fragen - er muss unterhalten, bestätigen, verdummen."

    In english: "Who wants to success in this business, shouldn't teach, elucidate, ask - he has to entertain, support, addle."

    Imho, this is also true about the TV. Even the so-called "documentaries" and especially the talk shows here are more about entertaining and supporting the "public opinion" than about everything else. Sure, there ARE good documentaries & shows, but they're a small minority.
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    If you look in the wrong places you won't learn anything. If you yearn for the same lesson 1,000 times you will not be made 1,000 times as wise.

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    What do you learn on mythbusters exactly? I have an irrational hatred of that show brought on by FAR too much forced-watching when I really only enjoy 5-second clips of it. It's 99% them smashing things or "proving" or "disproving" things that are completely obvious, with a sample size of 1. grr. I know most people like the show, though. And it gets people interested in science supposedly and blah blah blah.

    I treat TV as entertainment, including documentaries. They've very rarely unbiased even if you do learn things about different perspectives. The home renovations/building channel (h-something-tv) could teach me things I suppose, even though I don't enjoy it 90% of them time. There are lots of learning shows for children. If you were really bad at managing money, you could learn something from "til debt to us part/princess" but I just watch them for the entertainment value.
    -end of thread-

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    TV was never intended as a training tool for young or old minds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    What do you learn on mythbusters exactly? I have an irrational hatred of that show brought on by FAR too much forced-watching when I really only enjoy 5-second clips of it. It's 99% them smashing things or "proving" or "disproving" things that are completely obvious, with a sample size of 1. grr. I know most people like the show, though. And it gets people interested in science supposedly and blah blah blah.
    Well, it is a lot more rigorous than Brainiac, and let's face it, a lot of "educational" programming is mostly fluff. When I was little I thought Bill Nye the Science Guy was soooo awesome and soooo educational but when I watch them now I realize how little I actually learned from it.

    Same thing goes for Sesame Street and pretty much every "educational" show. The only ones I really learned anything from were those 2-hour-long shows on space and time travel and black holes.

    Then again on cable they have lots of shows about making stuff, or doing certain jobs, how to survive in the middle of antarctica... not exactly useful skills, but no more useless than theoretical time-travel. There are a lot of shows out there that I wouldn't necessarily call "educational" but they will definitely sate your curiosity.
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