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You could easily be way off target here.
(Like, you've cut a piece of the pie and left the rest of the pie sitting on the table while thinking you're eating all of it.)

What am I supposed to say?

A lot of this type read is based on your own personality judging her behavior, and you seem to have some sort of bias against white women who would adopt foreign babies and then dress them in style.

Who knows why she does this? How can you assume she's doing it because of the reasons you're thinking she is? All you see is that she's adopting foreign kids and then dressing them in the style she's accustomed to. She's got money. She's famous. She's not embarrassed to spend her money. I see a lot more ambiguity here, but you seem to judge such behavior through a very narrow filter and it's making you reach conclusions that might or might not be true. You're going to have to triangulate data much more precisely.
Well, I cannot read her mind. I can only deduct her thinking based on her actions. As I am sure you know, Myers Briggs is not an exact science, there are no concrete "yes" or "no", but instead what is more likely than not. Her actions remind me very much of wacky ENFJs that I've met, who were my collegues during international travels. Is there a chance she is an ISTP? Sure. Just like there is a chance that there is in fact an afterlife and Heaven and the only way to it is through Catholic church. But like I said, we are dealing with what's the most likely explination. I gave you my reasoning for why I think she is an ENFJ. If you give me your reasoning why she is a Sensor, we can compare and contrast notes.

Honestly, she seems a lot more earthy, S-style engaged with the world. I don't see a lot of ENFJ's behaving as she does. I've met one or two on this site but they still tend to be ethereal in their approach; Angelina doesn't seem very ethereal at all. That woman is rooted in her senses.
How is she "earthy"? And how does that relate to strictly being a Sensor. How is she "not ethereal"? What do you mean by "etheral" and how does it relate to an NF?