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  • Yes, I give a percentage of my salary each pay period.

    4 12.12%
  • Yes, when the opportunity presents itself and it is within my means.

    19 57.58%
  • I'll give you a hand up, but the rest is up to you (providing you are able bodied).

    2 6.06%
  • I give a lot, but I like to remain anonymous.

    2 6.06%
  • I simply can't afford to, but I will give my time.

    2 6.06%
  • No, I have my own problems.

    3 9.09%
  • Get a clue! You and your problems aren't my problem. (Hopefully no one will check this box)

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    I don't think money/material goods are often the best solution to many of the social issues out there; basically in most cases I don't think it gets to the root of the real problems. But I won't get into that. Basically, I don't donate to any social/people-based organizations.

    I donate to a few environmental organizations (organizations where I believe the money is making a tangible difference at the root - not just a quick fix), because that is most important to me, and what I **most value** in life. [And no, I'm not your stereotypical 'tree-hugger' - I think a lot of the environmental activists have more of a counterproductive/alienating approach than one that's actually going to enact change on a cultural level]

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    I like to help within my means. Usually this takes the form of donation of clothing and other items to the Salvation Army, donation to the local rescue mission at the holidays, and monetary donations to an organization that has made a significant impact on my life. I immediately rule out any hard sells, and I do not give money to people on the street. I would rather give it to a reputable organization and let that person find relief by taking advantage of these organizations.

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    I'm more than willing to volunteer my time (when I have time) to help people, if I feel that they really need the help. I volunteered at libraries to teach children to read, I volunteered at the hospital or extended care homes and visited seniors that have no one, and I volunteered for day camps and such. I don't now because I don't really have the time in the city anymore.

    I'm not one who donates to charities because I don't agree with the causes and I don't think that money is the solution to the problem. I would rather volunteer time to help solve the problem, not give money.

    I agree with FMW, I wouldn't give money to people on the street because I don't think it would help them, although, I have given them food before.

    How charitable I am just depends on whether I think it will help or not to the overall cause. The problem is, I don't think most charity helps the overall reason of the cause.
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    Read through this thread once, going to read more slowly through it again. Also was wondering about the views of more recent contributors to the forum, what their views may be.

    It came up in a discussion between my brother, a friend and myself. My views on the matter are in flux much or the time but I am sure of one thing I would not actively discourage altruism or financial assistance of charities or individuals by anyone else.
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    I do my best to be charitable money wise when I can, but usually I donate my time. I think it is important to be involved with these things. The earth will always have the needy, and if nothing else we can plant a seed for others to follow. We can possibly help these people regain the confidence and stability in their own lives to go forward.

    I think what makes me sad, is how often in my volunteering I found our own army soldiers are within the needy... We need to care for those who offered their lives for this country and our freedom...

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    My charitable donations go to local shelters and food banks. The checks are cut and sent annually. I don't donate my time.

    If I see homeless next to assorted grocers, I give them food that doesn't require cooking. Near Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'll give them bags of food and if there's canned goods, cheap can openers. When doing so, I ask them if they want the food stuffs. They're often startled that they're being asked a basic human dignity question, instead of having stuff dropped or pushed onto them. And they always say thank you and sometimes cry.

    It's so wrong that people don't have basic needs met in any developed country. I don't give a flying fuck whether they're addicts or people who suffer from mental health conditions. They're still people who don't deserve to starve or be shelterless.
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    I donate time and money. I like to find more off the beaten track ones that don't get as much exposure. Also nonpartisan political organizations or individual campaigns of candidates I like. I won't donate to parties generally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    I donate time and money. I like to find more off the beaten track ones that don't get as much exposure. Also nonpartisan political organizations or individual campaigns of candidates I like. I won't donate to parties generally.
    I donate time and money, too. Money donations are always anonymous. I give to an assortment of organizations spanning immediate needs in the local area (e.g. local food bank) to long-term solutions overseas (e.g. educating girls in Afghanistan). I am much more likely to donate to a political cause than a candidate, and never to a party. I did volunteer on the campaign of a local candidate once. I never give directly to people on the street because, at least in my area, some of them are just scammers, and I doubt I could tell those from the legitimately deserving. So, I may not help that fellow on the corner, but the money I give to local organizations helps many more than I would personally encounter.

    My main volunteer activity is STEM education, followed by encouraging citizens to participate in the political process.

    Quote Originally Posted by bechimo View Post
    It's so wrong that people don't have basic needs met in any developed country. I don't give a flying fuck whether they're addicts or people who suffer from mental health conditions. They're still people who don't deserve to starve or be shelterless.
    This. It amazes me that we are willing to spend thousands of dollars feeding, housing, and tending to the basic medical needs of murders, thieves, and rapists locked up in jail, but begrudge someone whose only "crime" is mental illness, addiction, a string of bad luck, or even honest laziness, the same basic necessities. It's not unheard of for people to commit small crimes just so they land in jail where basic needs can be met.
    I've been called a criminal, a terrorist, and a threat to the known universe. But everything you were told is a lie. The truth is, they've taken our freedom, our home, and our future. The time has come for all humanity to take a stand...
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    Sort of. I say yes to donating a dollar every time I’m at a fast food restaurant

    Also I sometimes give to the homeless when I’m in the city. They don’t like when I give them the compassionate face though :/
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    Nowadays, I just try to be the best damn teacher that I can be -- to help provide and push and facilitate opportunities on an individual level. That's where I can do the most good; a bit of my time goes a long way for them because I know the landscape inside and out and can empathize with those who are trying to navigate it, and also it's a part of my living anyway.

    Many are very promising but need an "in." Some think so far outside the box that hardly any other prof can "get" them. Some want to climb the ladder but don't know which wall to rest it on. Some don't know how to tie their interests to an actual career path. Some are never given a chance to explore their interests in the first place. So I'll dedicate my time to helping students understand the material from my class and others, meet with them whenever and about whatever, scoop up committee positions where I can be an asset, volunteer to write letters of recommendation, and try my best to get across that I actually mean it when I say that if they need me down the line they can get ahold of me. I've become a mentor to at least a few and have been an advocate for many more.

    Mostly on a meritocratic basis though. I've had one or two students cheat on an assignment, but they managed to start giving a shit, churn out impressive work, and overall do a complete 180. I'll work with them too, because there's no need to hold a grudge. I've had many others cheat but.. well, don't earn the same sort of treatment.

    So basically "I'll give you a hand up, but the rest is up to you (providing you are able bodied)."
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