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    Default They're a bunch of pascifists they're no match for us!

    I was watching a TV show in which one of the characters said this and wondered the extent to which this actually enters into political dealings, I think it probably sums up real politik but is it like that 100% of the time or are there other mitigating factors most of the time?

    Is war just politics by other means or the break down of politics? In the individual violence can be a sign of their deterioration or failure to mature or develop correctly in the first place, can the same be said of politics?
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    I'd say war can be considered a breakdown when it is a strategic blunder. One of the few things the so-called realists and idealists agree on, is that war is the last measure.
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    In debate, men of close-mindedness walk away thinking they have won. So war was invented to break men of close-mindedness. Therefore, we might say that war is an unfortunate side-effect of communication lapse; or perhaps that war communicates as itself.

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    Sometimes, war occurs simply because of mutually opposed and irreconcilable goals. Advancing the belief that the means utilized (namely liberal democracy) are more important than the ends realized in all collective human endeavors can be an effective remedy to this reality, but only if all other powerful parties involved share this same general political ideology. Its the ultimate foundation (though facilitated through certain types of institutions) of the "democratic peace" phenomenon. Of course, this ideology bounds the ends sought within the framework of individual rights and democratic accountability, anyway, so there is no sharply defined difference between means and ends under this paradigm.

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