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    Exclamation Mimes Plotting New World Order!!

    Mimes. Most ignorant people see them as harmless street performers...

    A mime artist is someone who uses mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art, involving miming, or the acting out a story through body motions, without use of speech. In earlier times, in English, such a performer was referred to as a mummer. Miming is to be distinguished from silent comedy, in which the artist is a seamless character in a film or sketch.

    The performance of pantomime originates at its earliest in Ancient Greece; the name is taken from a single masked dancer called Pantomimus, although performances were not necessarily silent. In Medieval Europe, early forms of mime such as mummer plays and later dumbshows evolved. In early nineteenth century Paris, Jean-Gaspard Deburau solidified the many attributes that we have come to know in modern times the silent figure in whiteface.

    Jacques Copeau, strongly influenced by Commedia Dell'Arte and Japanese Noh theatre, used masks in the training of his actors. Etienne Decroux, a pupil of his, was highly influenced by this and started exploring and developing the possibilities of mime and developed Corporeal Mime into a highly sculptural form taking outside of the realms of naturalism. Jacques Lecoq contributed significantly to the development of mime and physical theatre with his training methods.[1]
    There is more than meats the eye to these devious fiends. They brandish invisible tools and utilities, concealed by the voiceless wisps of the ghostly mime visage. Who would expect them to be a criminal? No one!Which defines the antithesis of their true identity... priests.

    The first recorded pantomime actor was Telest?s in the play "Seven against Thebai" by Aiskhulos. Tragic pantomime was developed by Pulad?s of Kilikia; comic pantomime was developed by Bathullos of Alexandria.[5]

    Trai?nus banished pantomimists; Caligula favored them; Aurelius made them priests of Apoll?n. Nero himself acted as a mime.[6]
    Who else are priests? Jesuits! One of the Jesuit mottos is "White is black and black is white". This is a symbol for the confusion of truth, just like the confusion afflicted by the guileful antics of mimes!

    Notice how the lion is baffled by the black and white patterns on the zebra...

    [YOUTUBE=""]Zebra Mime Deception[/YOUTUBE]

    What else is black and white? Pandas!

    Brace yourselves for the mime Jesuit zebra panda onslaught! NOTICE!!1 I captured these invisible chemtrails with my camera the other day! Mime handy work, no less.

    Can you make out the zebra-mounted mime army just bordering the horizon of this normally docile field??

    NWO is coming, people! Wake UP!! Ensure that your houses are steadfast with the fortifiififcation of walls! Employ a clown bodyguard, as they colorize the atmosphere with jokes that are diametrically opposed to mime tricks! If a clown is not available (assuming that we will soon be in fierce competition for them), then install a clown scarecrow.

    This post has already been censored by mime infiltrators.

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    They can be tamed... with real things.
    Hang on traveling woman - Don't sacrifice your plan
    Cause it will come back to you - Before you lose it on the man

    .:: DWTWD ::.

    There is this thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked - It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance

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    Are mimes going the way of clowns?

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    They're already seducing your women into submission.

    [YOUTUBE="TFSIm3Zeecg"]Mime Sex[/YOUTUBE]

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    Not as long as the French keep doing mime-ology. I swear, the French could keep a dead 2 legged horse running if they wanted to. Such is their stubborn culture!!

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