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    Yea, we need people to relate to. Not only Dr. Cox, who's supposed to be kind of hateable, but Dr. Dorian as well are quite flawed. It's almost over the top a bit. I think some shows, (particularly that one) wouldn't be shows if they didn't speak so closely to the human experience. These characters are all walking around making silliness of our own insecurities, and... that's just funny to a lot of people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Has anyone else noticed like me the extent to which many of the prominent characters in TV and film are actually pretty flawed? In Scrubs there's Dr. Cox a Narcissist who sees a therapist who has attempted to discharge him, House MD is all about a clinician who is at the very least extremely misanthropic
    For a long time in western culture heroes were always positive.

    To me they always seemed to be caricatures.
    I was always intrigued by "human" heroes.
    The ones who could admit their struggles and might even be flawed but in the end still be noble.

    I found "unflawed" heroes to be non-human and uninteresting/fake. "Human" heroes were heroic not just because of their positive actions but because of what they had to overcome and/or sacrifice in order to take those actions.

    I think nowadays the culture here has shifted far to the other end, where flawed-ness is more a play in variety -- "What weird twisted quirk can we make for our protagonist this time around?" or "Can we actually make a really despicable human being sympathetic in some way?" -- than a morality play per se. Writers just try harder and harder to be unique and to outdo the last.

    One of my favorite anti-heroes still is the Thomas Covenant / Linden Avery combo from Donaldson's fantasy work of the late 70's and mid-80's. Those were spiritual books for me in terms of psych dev. Unfortunately, it seems like lots of heroes today are torn from Covenant's cloth without nearly the level of redemption/purification that he experienced by the end.
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    What about the mounty in Due South? I loved that show pretty much because I thought the character was too good to be true.
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    Flaw = secret weapon?

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