I was wondering recently about the drugs debate in the UK, legalisation, guidance, prohibition etc.

There was a big deal not long ago about an advisor resigning his position because he felt he was being asked to support particular narratives about drug use to fit with a political purpose. He felt it was threatening his scientific integrity and therefore resigned. Which I think is fine.

Part of what came out of this debate was the need for a consistent message to come from all authorities that drug use was harmful, immoral, illegal. Consistency was very, very important and no mixed messages were to be sent.

This to me was interesting because I know that consistent messages and learning are important themes in parenting and this made me think about how confused the role of government had possibly become in the UK if the authorities were effectively parenting, teaching large sections of the population and could afford no intellectual ambiguity or ambivalence on a topic because of the likely social consequence. Surely a tipping point is being reached there? Kind of we'd like to talk about this objectively but we can only do it in private, the kids are in the room.