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Thread: High Street

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    Default High Street

    Not sure what the US equivelent of the High street is but I'm sure you get the gist.

    Just come back from town where I had headed to pick up a few items, and I was shocked to see Borders books has gone into receiver ship.... It sits right next to the former woolworths which also went into receivership about a year ago.....

    Oh my word, it shocked me a bit... before I moved to live where I did I lived in a part of town that had about 9 small bookstores that were closed down by Borders store opening, this turn up seems quite shocking to me - I wonder what will be left post recession.

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    I don't think the recession is the main reason for Borders going into liquidation. The problem in my view was that they weren't competitively priced compared to shops on the internet and also supermarkets.

    Ok supermarkets don't have the choice but they normally stock new releases and from my experience at a better price.
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    A good point, I got a DVD in the closing down sale, and I still could have got it a tenner cheaper on Amazon....

    Amazon have taken to emailing me on a daily basis at the moment....

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