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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    C'mon, you live in a country that wears blinkers. On one eye is blinkered by business and the other eye is blinkered by business. Gosh, the business of America is business.

    You can't even see that the business you are in is the Mercantile business. And the business of Mercantilism is not business but power. Under Mercantilism the purpose of business is power.

    And conveniently it is not in the interests of business for you to know that the goal is power.

    And it is not convenient because the aim of liberal democracy is the limitation of power. So business slips under the radar of liberal democracy by saying, over and over again, at the highest levels, including the mouth of the President that, "The business America is business".

    And of course the bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe.

    And the antidote to this lie is not Economics but Political Economy.
    I don't know if your post was an objection to mine, but I think I agree with your position if I have understood correctly. (btw, I don't live in the USA)
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    Although I am currently living in the U.S., I am not from here and am not a citizen.

    With regard to your points, I don't even know whether I agree -- your comments are too vague and esoteric.
    A criticism that can be brought against everything ought not to be brought against anything.

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