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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Why should the army have to keep people like that? He obviously didn't belong there. He was even on the FBI's radar because of threatening internet postings he made.
    Dude you just made me 50 times more paranoid about what I post on the internet.
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    Apparently, this was an act of jihad (there is much more evidence than this, but I'm too lazy to provide more links).

    Fort Hood Shooter Tried to Contact al Qaeda Terrorists, Officials Say - ABC News

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    Apparently, this was an act of jihad (there is much more evidence than this, but I'm too lazy to provide more links).

    Fort Hood Shooter Tried to Contact al Qaeda Terrorists, Officials Say - ABC News
    And just as there is no need for us to make contact, there is no need for jihadis to make contact, for there are many jihadi sites on the internet.

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    I am going to try to work the term "Islamo-realism" into every political conversation now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    Apparently, this was an act of jihad (there is much more evidence than this, but I'm too lazy to provide more links).

    Fort Hood Shooter Tried to Contact al Qaeda Terrorists, Officials Say - ABC News

    The guy was undoubtedly infected with the jihad virus that Muslims seem more prone to catching than people of other religions. The signs were all there, except to the Army, that was actually going to deploy this holy piece of work.

    Btw do you chew tobacco, lowtech redneck? I have an old spittoon Iíve been trying to sell on e-bay if youíre interested.

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    Wanting out of the military and actively TRYING to get out are two different things. I've not read anything indicating he actually tried to separate from the service.

    As for him being a major, it's because he is a medical doctor. Graduating from med-school gets you Captain's bars, and becoming board-certified in a specialty, psychiatry in his case, automatically bumped him to Major.

    If he was harassed for his beliefs...where are the complaints/reports up his chain-of-command? Given the bend-over-backwards sensitivity toward Muslims in our society, I would have expected action against anyone he reported harassing him.

    So...where are these reports?

    Guy goes out of his way to visit out-of-the-way strip clubs, where nobody he knows will be. Supposition is that, as an unmarried, 39-year old odd-ball, he might have been trying to learn to relate to women in some fashion, rather than Takfiri.

    Was this "terrorism"? Perhaps. If so, was it "directed" by outside sources? Perhaps. But nothing yet points to that, even though terrorists celebrate his actions.

    Perhaps it's as simple as Hasan acting on his own, thinking he was performing some Jihadist act, even though not part of an outside organization. Report of him yelling "Allahu Ahkbar" would appear to point to that.

    As for the "maybe he got PTSD from talking to other soldiers"...we don't even know if he counseled anyone. And if he PTSD contagious? That'd be like a friend telling me that he's a homosexual and then discovering I have an uncontrollable urge to go suck dicks.

    I don't buy it.

    The dude is a murderer 13 times over. Make sure he never does it again. Execute him.

    I also think that anyone up his chain of command who ignored what now appear to be red-flags so large a blind bull would have noticed them should be held responsible for dereliction of duty.

    Just my opinion.

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    Lolz hey guys remember that time an INTP barfed prejudice stupid all over innocent people?

    I think I'm going to fix the headache I got from losing IQ points reading this by listing the people killed in the shooting. Retyped from People magazine.

    1. Capt. John P. Gaffaney
    Age 56. Job: Psychiatric nurse. A reservist that served in the Navy National Guard. A motorcycle enthusiast, he finally got one a year before he was slain. A widow left behind.

    2. Pvt. Francheska Velez
    Age 21. Job: Bomb specialist. Home from Iraq in her first trimester of pregnancy, Aspiring psychologist, was filling out paperwork for her maternity leave when she was slain. Her family was terminated before it ever began.

    3. Pfc. Kham Xiong
    Age 23. Job: Heavy artillery. Came to the US at age 3, his father and grandfather fought for Americans in the Vietnam war and was following in his family's footsteps. Never been deployed. Family of three left behind.

    4. Michael Cahill
    Age 62. Job: Physician's assistant. Retired National Guardsman, the only civilian casualty, tended to people with medical needs. Left a widow behind.

    5. Major L. Eduardo
    Age 52. Job: Clinical. A self-made man left Mexico as a teen and earned a PhD and taught college students and bilingual special needs children. Left a family behind.

    6. Pfc. Michael Pearson
    Age 21. Job: Defusing bombs. A quiet art and music fan, joined the military to start a new life for himself after quitting at a furniture company.

    7. Capt. Russell Seager
    Age 51. Job: Registered Nurse. Treated soldiers battling post war psychological illnesses. PhD in alternative medicine, enlisted to promote a, quote, "high level of wellness in our soldiers."

    8. Pfc. Aaron Nemelka
    Age 19. Job: Defusing bombs. The youngest person slain. Opted out of a Mormon church mission to enlist in the military, to "save lives of American service members."

    9. Spc. Jason Hunt.
    Age 22. Job: Infantry soldier. Married two months before his death, spent a 15 month tour in Iraq and came home safe.

    10. Lt. Col. Juanita Warman
    Age 55. Job: Nurse Practitioner. Wanted to go to Iraq to treat soldiers in combat. Saved the lives of two others by throwing herself on them to shield them.

    11. Spc. Frederick Greene
    Age 29. Job: Specialist. Married and became a stepdad to two girls, and enlisted to support them.

    12. SSG Justin DeCrow
    Age 32. Job: Satellite communications instructor. Survived by his high school sweetheart and daughter.

    13. Sgt. Amy Krueger
    Age 29. Job: Mental health specialist. Treated soldiers for combat stress, enlisted with her best friend the day after 9/11 happened, "We felt like we needed to do something for our country."
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    Deleted some stuff, moved some other stuff out to the Graveyard.

    Just a reminder: attack the position, not the person. And do it civilly.

    Additional reminder: dangling a purposefully controversial opinion you don't really agree with is a form of trolling. Please think about whether you truly believe what you are saying before you post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    I like the way when you're not immediately outraged that you're somehow on the wrong side of right.

    This is first hand information I get from my job from clinical and longitudinal studies done at NIH and the major mental health care organization I work: The military does an absolutely horrible job of taking care of the mental and emotional health of soldiers. Is this a surprise? Shoot and kill. Have a problem with that? Man up!

    From what I'm reading he was trying to get out of the military and was very vocal about the discrimination and mental problems he was experiencing. I cannot tell you how many VA and civilian psychologists and psychiatrists I work with that are inundated and totally unequipped to deal with the amount of PTSD and depression vets are experiencing and even combating the stigma within the military about seeking help for your issues that are combat related. Combat related PTSD is the number one area that I work with my mental health care professionals about because the soldiers aren't getting any help and they need to find ways to treat and reach those who treatment the most. The military is honorably discharging a lot broken people.

    My protest lies within the fact that guy going batshit is the result of a severely broken mental health care system within the military. Of course this guy is in control of his own actions and what he did is inexcusable. But what is he the product of? Would it be better if he was one of the hundreds of soldiers who committed suicide to cope with their issues? Does that make the issues go away?
    Are you forgetting he killed 13 innocent people? Individuals that had nothing to do with his angst...

    Hang the guy.

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