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    Default Let's party when TSHTF


    Lol! I'm getting a kick out of people like Alex Jones and things like the Craigslist post I linked to above. With the world in this crazy chaos it's in, it's becoming easier for people to subscribe to very "out there" notions. What have you noticed in your neck of the woods?
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    Hmm, I used to pretend that I was a sixteen year old Asian girl (the White man's weakness) looking for a Caucasian male to ~take away my virginity.

    The results were hilarious. Actually, I haven't trolled craigslist in awhile. Hmm. The casual encounters section is definitely lolworthy. Otherwise, I use cl for my own selfish reasons... like I'm currently looking for a beach cruiser.

    So to answer your question... I don't know :o
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    Alex Jones is a nutty windbag.

    Honestly, the conspiracy crowd has to realize that what drives the world is economics, not a highly intricate conspiracy. They take circumstantial evidence and spin it into something that collapses upon critical analysis.

    I have been noticing a higher susceptibility to believe in conspiracies among adults.

    The youth usually exhibit general apathy towards these matters.

    EDIT: If anything does happen, almost everyone is screwed. The way our society is structured is highly specialized, and geared towards feeding the economic machine. If people suddenly had to grow their own food or survive in the wild they would be not be able to, and would perish quickly.

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