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    Quote Originally Posted by Pristinegirl View Post
    The Norwegian Nobel Committee must be extremely corrupt and the whole Nobel awarding blackened and lost its grace!!! I really liked Obama but even I was appalled. I think it would have been better if he denied it.

    This has enraged many many people all over the world.. I think he can kiss the health care reform goodbye now..
    You are pristine indeed .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex Talionis View Post
    Sarcasm does not make your stance correct, nor does it mitigate what I have asserted.
    Liberal politics have taken this country to the ground. This is undeniable.
    You are an agressive, unintelligent and unusually pathetic asshole with an irrational and laughable point of view - therefore, mocking you is perfectly enough to satisfy me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Risen View Post
    Says the guy with... CHE GUEVARA on his avatar -_- .
    ... For every good terrorist, there is a good politician in their wake!
    ... They say that knowledge is free, and to truly acquire wisdom always comes with a price... Well then,... That will be $10, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Risen View Post
    You are pristine indeed .
    Quote Originally Posted by Prototype View Post
    ... For every good terrorist, there is a good politician it their wake!
    TRUE indeed !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex Talionis View Post
    Are you now? What has he done to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Let me tell you what he's done:

    • Brought the largest deficit in history upon us - That was Bush, genius
    • Expanded troops in the Middle East - Yeah, to facilitate them leaving
    • Overtly supports a Marxist system of government - what qualifies as Marxist in your opinion? Has he outwardly supported the abolition of government? Even the workers' revolution? Hell, he hasn't even gotten EFCA passed.
    • Has been tied to the Weather Underground - So has pretty much everyone left of the John Birch society. They were smart kids, and once they got past their radical stage, went into academia.
    • Had an avowed Marxist as his "green jobs czar" - what per se makes Marxist analysis bad in the first place?
    • Reneged on just about every promise he made during the campaign - Um, no. You've got the burden of proof here - tell me every promise, and where he specifically went back on it. That is, things he specifically said "I won't do" after he got into office
    • Managed to convince the masses of sheep that he would miraculously procure "change" and give "hope" (nobody really knew what this meant, but at least it made us feel warm and fuzzy inside, right?) In this, at least, he succeeded splendidly, but it's not worthy of the Nobel prize - You can't possibly be this stupid, can you? Here's a hint - we didn't vote for him because of "hope" and "change" - we voted for him because the moronic policies of the previous administration and the Republican Party were driving this country into third-world conditions.

    No. It means that you've done something to deserve the prize.
    Or as a spur to further action. Just as the committee stated. Can't you read (translated) English?

    Obama has no interest in peace. He is just another puppet president, exactly like Bush was, except far more dangerous.
    Such a bald assertion - let's see some evidence.

    You voted for him because you bought into the propaganda, and now whine when he is justly called out on his failures.
    No, we "whine" (so funny, how the modern GOP is the master projection) when obstructionist assholes get in the way of our country being improved simply because of a whole host of reprehensible objectives and influences (corporate oligarchy, racism, etc)

    Hitler managed to take Germany from one of the worst depressions in history and restored its economy to that of a superpower - in just three years.
    No, he just managed to spend a ton of cash on the military. Likewise, Germany never was a superpower - superpowers don't have to fight wars to maintain their hegemony.

    What a preposterous assertion. Do you honestly believe this? Have you even thought about what you pressed into the keyboard?

    People want a leader who can improve their lot. You're making irrational conjectures here.
    And the Republican corporatocracy has raped the shit out of rural America, and they still vote for them and rail against Obama's policies that might actually make life better for them.

    Rational self-interest is a complete load of bullshit that assumes humans are robots. They're not.
    Obama is "watched" because:

    1) The media loves him.


    2) He's the president of the United States.
    Point 2 is the only factual statement you've made thus far. You should work for Fox News.

    Let's assume for a second that these ludicrous claims were actually true, and that Obama had "openly supported causes that promote peaceful methods" - it would still be completely irrelevant. Obama is judged by what he does now in the present, while he holds what some would argue is the most important office in the world. Completely corrupt, but important nonetheless.
    Bald assertions, no evidence. Please, make this more difficult, will you?
    You don't seem to be understanding.

    1) He has made no initiative to end the war, and has only showed signs of aggravating it.
    Like the 16 month timetable for pulling out of Iraq. Right.

    2) The war was a dreadful mistake that lost America respect worldwide, helped set the precedent for our current economic "downturn," and has inflamed a region of the world that was finally showing signs of repose since the fall of the Soviet Union.
    Not Obama's fault, as you know. Have you ever thought that the West possibly doesn't want the Middle East to be all that stable? Perhaps so they don't collude and force another oil embargo?

    Oh, you're sure! Well this changes everything! I'm sure that you and Obama's correspondents are working out the kinks as I type.
    Don't give yourself too much credit; your arguments are blindingly predictable

    Hahaha. This is by far one of the most presumptuous and arrogant comments I have ever read; it's seeped entirely in ignorance.

    Let's see who is more deluded; you who is scrambling furiously to defend the honor of some fraud in office, or the rest of us poor souls who have the gall to criticize the almighty?
    1. You haven't proven fraud
    2. You have no real policy suggestions
    3. Even if you did have policy suggestions, you haven't acted in a way that indicates you would want to help out in promoting these suggestions
    4. Your mouthpieces are raging buffoons.

    He was supported for two reasons:

    1) He was deified by the media

    2) The average sheep has absolutely no understanding of the world around them (especially politics) and voted purely out of some euphoric dementia.
    5. You have no clue about how the media works - it's reactive, not proactive
    6. Fox News voters score consistently lowest in understanding the global situation. Nice projection there again.

    You're absolutely correct. He's gotten to where he is now because the real powers that be decided that they needed a new face to represent the globalist agenda. They found it in a charismatic young senator from Illinois who was the product of a 'heartening' copulation between a White hippy mother and a black Kenyan father.
    If there's anything Obama's not, that would be a neoliberal. Jeez, pick up a textbook or something.

    Just look at his endorsement by the New Party (a Marxist group that sought to spread the influence of leftist socialism and supported candidates who they felt could do the job) during his 1996 senatorial run:

    Obama and the New Party - HUMAN EVENTS

    Only Obama can blow little else than hot air when addressing an audience while the masses gaze and cheer in fervent stupor. Well, Stalin was able to do it as well, although the Russians under Stalin knew what they were in for.
    And plenty of Republicans are supported by the freakin' Klan. Your point?

    People like you are the reason why something as positive as the universal franchise still has a downside.

    Obama had no support in his life?

    He was a mediocre no-name senator without any significant achievements who was somehow able to become president of the United States in less than a year. Do you truly believe that Obama accomplished this all on his own? He was financed by the largest banks in the world since day one! He was supported by the mass media, who were there for every moment to capture his "rise to glory" and erase his more undesirable characteristics (e.g. association with an anti-American, black supremacist church.)

    Here's one link showing his ties with the banking and financial elite:

    Obama connections with international banking elite

    Typical Obamaphile...
    And, having no argument whatsoever, you retreat to claims of conspiracy (of a vaguely anti-Semitic nature). How utterly typical.

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    Ok, I looked this up. Barack Obama really did win the Nobel Peace Prize. It's a slap at every other person who has one. He gets the Nobel because he has a three-legged dog? This makes me want to fucking puke how hard the whole world seems to be working to call this man a hero when he hasn't done anything to make him worthy of that title. The man does not have the best interest of the general public whose trust he has won, (but not earned), in mind. I have seen who has backed him and who he has put in the white house. Those who do not pay attention to these things or realize their particular importance will have to wait a while longer before coming to this conclusion. Many never will, but will blame the poor state of things to come on circumstances that could not be helped, (though Jesus H. Obama did everything in his power to help.) There are men and women who deserve that prize.
    An inscription above the gate to Hell:
    "Eternal Love also created me"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangol View Post
    I am absolutely dumbfounded as to how people think he does not deserve an award for his efforts toward global peace.

    Does winning the Nobel prize mean you've stopped all war? Defeated famine and poverty? Destroyed evil?

    NO. That is not the fucking point of the prize. It's to recognize people and their causes toward the ideal of peace. The rest of the world's problems will continue on, but the winners are at least recognized for their outstanding efforts.
    What effort? He was nominated when he had been in office for just two weeks. Surely there was someone more deserving.
    "We grow up thinking that beliefs are something to be proud of, but they're really nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider. Beliefs are easy. The stronger your beliefs are, the less open you are to growth and wisdom, because "strength of belief" is only the intensity with which you resist questioning yourself. As soon as you are proud of a belief, as soon as you think it adds something to who you are, then you've made it a part of your ego."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    He was nominated when he had been in office for just two weeks.
    Is this true?!:steam::steam::steam:
    An inscription above the gate to Hell:
    "Eternal Love also created me"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Into It View Post
    Is this true?!:steam::steam::steam:
    Yes. We've already explained that it's true. We've also already gone over the fact that the committee has said this is not a reward for an accomplishment as much as it is an endorsement.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

    INTP. Type 1>6>5. sx/sp.
    Live and let live will just amount to might makes right

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    I believe he would have been recieved backlash even if he turned it down.

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