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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    However, I can't hold legal abortion alone responsible for the shocking numbers of men who refuse to take responsibility for their sexual activities i.e. the guys with kids from multiple mothers whom they don't care for, the guys who have bumper stickers saying things like "I don't pay child support I pay bitch support", and just a general attitude now that life is some sort of sexual free-for-all in which women should shoulder the consequences alone. I know legal abortion has something to do with it, but it's surely not the only factor.
    Just wanted to point this out here, that in some cases... actually alot of cases... it's true.

    There are a great number of women out there sadly, who view the system as "if yeu need more money, have another illegitimate kid for more child support payments".

    And there are those who are alcoholic chain smoking junkies whose kids are in rags because they blow all their money on beer, smokes, and drugs. But they are ensured custody of the children half the time because they're female.

    In some cases, those descriptions can be very, very accurate, as sad as it is, since alot of the time the money won't be going to the children at all.

    Now this isn't all the time obviously, and probably well under half, but I think most of us, by this point, know of at least a few women with 3-5 kids all from different fathers, and doesn't work, nor really pay attention to the kids, and only seems to bother with marriage or children as a way to get more money.

    And since they have that mindset... there's nothing to really stop them from just having more kids, further exasperating the situation >.<

    All things are two sided, including this. Guys can be idiots who don't take the risks seriously. So can women, who can not only be like "I can just abort it", but can actively SEEK to have kids they can't support... both sides can really suck on this.

    I agree, though, that alot of men are just asses about it. But I don't want to see this going one sided either. Both can be at fault.

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    Huh, but I still don't see how that doesn't make a man not responsible for having sex with the woman. Didn't he know that she had 4 children in rags? Was he not aware that condoms are available? It sounds like you are saying that this woman is an awful money grubbing whore and why couldn't a man sleep with her without consequences, afterall she is a terrible mother anyway. This type of man sounds like he is standing in the sewer claiming he is taking the high road.

    Also, wouldn't it be his responsibility to make sure his child is taken care of financially as well as emotionally? What kind of man would leave his child in that environment? Oh right, probably the guy too involved with finding a bumper sticker that shows his outrage over paying "bitch support" than actually taking care of his responsibilities.

    As far as courts favoring mothers, it happens when fathers don't take advantage of their rights. If they have to be chased down to pay child support and then are bitching about it, I'm guessing they aren't too far above the chain smoking mother in morals
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