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    this has nothing to do with private life, what people do on public grounds is by definition public.
    ppl just like to whine and never seem to save up any money to buy themselves one of these brain things.*yawns*
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    Hmm. This gives me some easy ideas on how to commit crimes with it. Yeah, it doesn't tell you what camera you're watching, but I bet you someone could figure it out, and for a good programmer, could probably write an automated program to find the camera he's looking for. If this footage is live, you just gave someone access to monitor vast areas of the city. Even if it's not, this still makes figuring out things like routes taken, and at what time, of both police and private citizens, scarily easy. Now someone planning, murder, or robbery, or whatever....can very easily tell where someone is, or at what time they'll be there.

    CCTV should be official use only. I can just see tons of this footage winding up on youtube or wherever else. And what about when a crime does occur? You now are giving the public access to murder footage if one occurs in range of the CCTV? I'm sure the families of the deceased would be thrilled to find the footage of their loved one being killed on some site on the internet. (Extreme example, but you get the point.)
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    But Millerm, couldn't you also simply observe someone with your own eyes (irl) rather than cctv? How does that make cctv inherently 'bad'? Also, re: internet footage, this already occurs. To oppose this scheme seems to be opposing the wrong specific party. If one is opposed to this it seems like it would be a better idea to go after the fact that cctv monitoring is *already* so extensive in the UK, rather than this one dude who's figured out a way to make some $ off it.

    I'm not saying I believe there are no problems with the extent of cctv monitoring, especially in the UK where it is crazy widespread, but my feelings on the issue tend to be kind of visceral. Part of me immediately goes "cctv is bad because the idea of being monitored like that/to that extent just FEELS wrong". Now I'm not saying that opposition to cctv surveillance is necessarily illogical (not at all), only describing my own feelings. I'd like to hear some serious arguments against the use of cctv, actually.

    And re: resolution, I have seen a lot of footage on the internet taken from cctv that is high enough to recognize faces. I imagine that businesses/gov't would be moving towards higher and higher res? Maybe not, but I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post

    When giving my statement to the police I found it remarkable to notice that I remembered some details perfectly but that other, even rather big things, were just completely blank, or had changed, in my mind.
    The adrenaline rush changes the brain chemistry, so you remember some things perfectly and block out other.

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