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    Hopefully not, you sound like someone who is angry enough to vote Die Linke *no offence meant tho* .

    From what I know is that Plattenbau towers are toxic and therefore laied to waste. Tho asbestos sounds very funny in english (meaning I dont think its the right translation ) I think they have it and therefore they are not used anymore.

    Energy and Supply companies spent money on advertising cause the market was liberalized and de-monopolized. It's true that you will only get your water and electricity from one company. But electricity in itself cant be stored and water is traded between cities. So the company needs to calculate the demand of supply needed in, lets say, a week. If in that week people will all of a sudden consume less electricity and water, the supply companies will make losses for not having sold the stuff and electricity companies will make the biggest losses cause their power will just be gone.

    Therefore there was a market created to trade supply goods and that was when companies like YellowStrom rose, cause they buy power and water for less money from the energy companies giving them room to make some money and the consumer the opportunity to make partly cheap deals on supplies.

    A nice way to get rid of nuclear waste is a thing, everybody would like. Nuclear energy makes up for 25 % of the german energy production atm and with the money earned in maybe 2-4 years after prolonging their usage, we made enough to build sustainable plants and to get rid of the nuclear ones. The thing is, if you trash a nuclear plant all components of it are nuclear waste. Therefore if you trash a plant you get a whole lot of nuclear waste at once. Of course trashing them as soon as possible then is the most logical decision. But we just dont have the money atm to compensate for their losses, therefore and this is a matter of philosophy the human-made economical system stands in the way one more time to preserving our planet. So what should we do ? Make some more waste to have the money to dumb them ? Or waste em now and be a man, damaging our economy significantly getting poorer ? It's a tough decision I know.

    Regarding bailing out financial institutes is a thing that should never happen again. It resulted from a flaw in the system as Communists like to call it, I admit, but show me someone who is flawless. Merkel went to the USA just before the election and they made new laws for financial institutes in a town that starts with P, I think, I forgot the name.

    The USA did not fund Lehman Brothers, resulting in a lot of people loosing their savings. That is possible in the USA cause they are a financial country, they got like a million financial institutes. If they had done the same in Germany, a whole country would have lost their savings for old age cause the central financial state institute was involved. So it was a not very liberal but a necessary thing to do.

    I know I sound like a Conservative by saying all this, tho I am pretty social liberal and believe in free market and a healthy social system. I sincerly wish for the new found Communists in Germany to take power one day. People will see what happens then, people will see that a new system will bring new flaws aswell and that there is no perfect system. This time then tho, it will be worse; much worse.

    And every student of history should know that, especially you guys from Berlin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dga View Post

    considering nudity is allowed on german television and scandalous in the states, who really has the stick up their ass? have a point, there.

    A German teacher at a school around here almost got fired for showing naked skydivers on German television.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    linke? egads, no! I have visited the stasi file archive, no need to go with those guys again. Funny though, america has teh same thing in its dept of homeland security.

    If i could vote, i'd probably go green/spd, but i am curious how the pirate party develops.

    As for plattenbau, they are not toxic. If they were, nobody would be modernizing them. There are buildings with asbestos, but they are not your typical plattenbau towers. The material is easily contained in these, and plenty of buildings from the west from the 70s have it, too.

    If other cities might buy berlin water, why not advertise there instead of berlin? The same goes for the street cleaning utility and the list goes on and on.

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    Conservative take over in the Mutterland? Yee haw!

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