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    Default Airport to nowhere (blatent corruption in US congress)

    "...Last week 53 Senators—including 51 Democrats—voted down an amendment by Republican Jim DeMint of South Carolina to stop spending federal funds on the airport that Mr. Murtha [Pennsylvania congressman] built with more than $150 million in federal subsidies and earmarks over the last two decades...

    The airport has three daily commercial flights, and those are to Washington, D.C...

    Earlier this year the airport received $800,000 in federal stimulus money, which has been spent in part to pave a second runway, even though the first one is barely in use. Mr. Murtha also secured $8.5 million for a new radar system that's never been used.

    Mr. DeMint pleaded with his colleagues that "if we can't cut funding for this project, we can't cut anything in Washington" and that the Senate will have declared "there's no such thing as waste, there's no such thing as fraud and corruption." He lost, but voters keeping score can add it to their mental tally of why we have a $1.6 trillion deficit."

    Murtha’s Airport for No One -

    America is so fucked.

    Were the citizens of Rome this stupid? what is it going to take? a full blown revolution? a president with some balls? I think some executive orders could at least send a message...

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    people need to wake up and realize there is no government without them believing in it. Stop paying your income taxes NOW.

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    I think that airport might actually have potential, once it expands its operations.

    Don't be so quick to shut it down... I think it will turn out to have been worth the money after all.

    Besides, I feel a lot more comfortable when the government throws the money around where it won't do any damage, rather than sticking their nose into something they could actually screw up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJ123 View Post
    people need to wake up and realize there is no government without them believing in it. Stop paying your income taxes NOW.
    I'll bring you rotting rice videos to watch, while you are sitting in jail for not paying your taxes.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    I love paying taxes. I wish I could pay millions of taxes each year.

    That said, the airport may still have potential. Everything has to grow and it's not easy getting airline flights.

    Although admittedly, it may not have been the best time for such investments, when previous potential was not yet reached. Ie. first get the first runway full, then work on the second.

    But perhaps they're trying to get the day highlights full first, and having multiple runways may therefor be more profitable in the long run than filling up one before building the next.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Not surprising. Corruption in government will never cease to exist.

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