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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    So they sought a religious position involving long stretches of unsupervised time with young children and a position of moral authority over that they could fight their tendency toward pedophilia. Right-o!
    Stop making sense. It's killing me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    I somehow managed to miss the fact that it was a school for the deaf.

    But I mean the question in general. How are children sodomized repeatedly and no one notices, hears them scream, sees that they're in pain afterwards, sees blood in their underwear, etc.
    This reminds me of another story where an unaccompanied minor was molested on a plane by a pastor that runs an orphanage (1000+ kids) in Uganda. These sickos seek out kids when they're vulnerable, or at a big disadvantage.

    San Francisco News - Predators are free to move about the cabin - page 1

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    Default The Corrupted and the Scarred

    Yeah, I attended an all boys catholic boarding school. We were flogged with straps everyday. But in those days it was normal. No one thought there was anything wrong.

    But the graduates came in two types - the corrupted or the scarred.

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