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    Default Getting drunk with Mr. Putin(and Russian blondes)

    Vladimir Putin has yet again brandished his macho image, strolling around Russia's top seaside resort watching the football with Dmitry Medvedev - and posing for pictures with young blondes.

    The Kremlin prime minister went on a boys' night out with his protege, President Dmitry Medvedev, dropping into a sports cafe in Sochi to watch the Russian national team play Argentina.

    Earlier pictures showed a bare-chested and physically fit 56-year-old Putin on a camping trip to the wilds of Siberia.

    Putin and Medvedev are rarely seen together in public, and Russian leaders seldom indulge in Western-style casual meet-the-people walkabouts, so observers were bemused and at first thought the pair were impersonators.

    One man asked whether they were the 'live' president and prime minister. 'Alive, so far alive,' replied Medvedev, dressed in a black hooded sports jacket and T-shirt.

    Putin - who has gone to great lengths to cultivate an alpha-male image - was seen sipping beer and munching pistachios as he watched the football with Medvedev, who stuck to tea and water.....
    Putin's night out: Vladimir and Dmitry bond over pints and pistachios as they take in a football game | Mail Online

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    who cares. just let the guy have some fun.
    i like him by the way. the only thing i don't like about him is the fact is that his opposition disappears, media personals die, there are kidnappings, he has too much power, and no one speaks out against him.

    but i am used to all that. i am Sri lankan anyway.

    So what is his type anyway?


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    Where are the pics with the Russian blondes? Pics or it didn't happen!

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    It's pictures like that that remind you that the Rus were a Viking people. Just another visit to the mead hall.

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