This is legit. I'm a natural redhead. When I had my daughter, I felt the entire c-section. They gave me as much anesthesia as they could (by law) but I was laying on the table moaning and at one point I freaked out a resident b/c I told him to quit squishing my bladder. Then a few weeks later I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled (couldn't do it with the pregnancy) and I had to have more of the "bee stings" than any patient the doctor had ever seen. He was really cool and would stop every few minutes to numb it again. When I was a kid, I woke up during my tonsillectomy and clearly remember the look on the surgeons face when I opened my eyes.

The only way I can have another baby is with a carefully scheduled csection. We waited too long and they maxed me out early. It's no fun since I have a family history of Malaignant Hyperthermia and have to be very careful.