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    Quote Originally Posted by Alwar View Post
    This is sort of related. The gender of a teacher is a pretty significant factor in how well the student learns.

    One could imagine how boys might view a leader as an alpha-male type scenario, and would therefore not take physically weak males, let alone females seriously as leaders.
    That was a really interesting read, my eldest son has never reacted well to female teachers, which was always blamed on his fathers views of women, but after reading that it makes more sense since my eldest son is definately of the alpha male types.

    Magic Poriferan, I hadn't actually moved past the gender equality stage, well enough to think about this topic any deeper, but what you say makes alot of sense too.

    I watched a documentary once about female leaders through history, and how they were not as compassionate or soft as many male counterparts had actually been in those times, some of them were down right brutal.

    I always thought, like you, that they (the women) felt a need to overcompensate, to seem more "mannish" to be respected.

    Personally I would vote for either male or female based on their individual qualities, rather than their gender, but I know there are many many others out there who vote based on gender, much like some vote based on colour.
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    I always learned best from female teachers, my physics teacher she was awesome.

    I think either male or female can make good leaders, it depends on how smart they are.

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    Ok. here is why I have created a thread that does not make too much sense. (what I have already admited)

    Very recently in my country the primeminister that was on the function for 6 years and he was even fairly popular said that "this is it" and that he quits.
    The only explanation he gave is that he wanted to shock the public.

    But he has also made a choice that his right hand will replace him. But in this case that person is a woman. So that is how we got the first female primeminister. Plus, I can't say that we have a long/large tradition of female leadership.

    But what is the key part here is that absolutely no one saw it coming. What has started a certain public debates. Which is why I have poped the question in this form. Since "normal" people tend to think on this way.

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    I tended to enjoy male teachers in high school, because I had NONE in grade school, except for a couple years with a male Phys Ed teacher. This was a parochial Catholic school. The nuns hated pretty much all of the students, but the lay female teachers were quite biased toward the girls, especially when it came to punishment for the same infractions (I never saw a girl get written up/sent to the Principal's office for talking in class, for instance).
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