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    Default Pirate Hunting Cruises Being Offered in Russia

    Gotta love them Russkis!

    An Austrian newspaper has claimed that Russian cruise companies are offering wealthy passengers a chance to go pirate hunting off the Somali coast.

    Wirtschafts Blatt has reported that wealthy tourists are hunting for pirates off the coast of Somalia for the cost of $5790 per day. In an effort to attract pirate attack, the ships are said to cruise deliberately close to the coast at a speed of only five knots. If attacked, passengers have the opportunity to unleash hell with rocket launchers, grenade launchers and machine guns.

    AK-47 rental on the pirate cruises is apparently just $5 per day, with 100 rounds costing $12 and just in case things get out of control, a squad of ex special forces troops is on hand.

    Russian yachtsman Vladimir Mironov is said to have remarked:
    "They are worse than the pirate. At least the pirates have the decency to take hostages, these people are just paying to commit murder."
    Russian Cruise Companies May Be Offering Pirate Hunting Cruises | We Interrupt

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    Aargh- matey!
    If ye have enough wealth, ye will be able to fight the blasted pirates!

    I know pirates have been causing a lot of problems.
    I think this may not be too bad of an idea as long as it's 100% done in self-defense..
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    why are russians so badass?

    oh yeah, they're from Russia. go fig

    Quote Originally Posted by Mondo View Post
    I think this may not be too bad of an idea as long as it's 100% done in self-defense..
    i disagree.... pirates don't play by the rules, so why should you with them? Vigilante justice at its best

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    This is probably a hoax. I know many Americans that would love it though.

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    Hopefully it's not as uneventful as whale watching.

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    Hey look, other companies have picked up the sport since then:

    Dubai tour company offers pirate hunting cruises off Horn of Africa

    With only 17 rooms, the pearl white yacht is sized to attract attention from opportunistic pirates while spending days drifting aimlessly through the Gulf of Aden. Seahunters does not guarantee that pirates will attempt to board the boat, but in the event that they do, the cruisers are free to defend themselves with their weapons. What this defense entails has been the target of several human rights organizations. Decrying this bizarre form of freelance privateering, many groups feel that baiting the pirates into the line of fire is an extreme example of human insensitivity and a case of morbid exploitation. Seahunters maintains that their program will provide substantial positive externalities such as safer waters due to a fearful pirate population.
    Riiiiight, because the passengers signing up for this aren't avid sportsmen and militaries, they just want to make the world a better place.
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