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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    I think a lot of the reason is that everyone is encouraged to be special these days. It's not enough anymore to just be a decent citizen. Self-esteem is emphasized at the expense of good sense, even if there's no basis for the esteem.

    Obviously, if you're special and unique, you will expect special treatment. "Well, 911 is for emergencies, but that's just for normal people. It's not for ME." We can see this kind of entitlement more and more in many areas of life these days. It's ridiculous. We have too much self-esteem.
    This occurred to me after talking to my boss the other day who had to leave work early to bring presents to her 5 year old's kindergarten graduation and her 11 year old's elementary school graduation. ! Are these praise-worthy milestones or am I just too cynical?

    Our self-esteem is morphing into self-importance at the expense of other lessons and people. Capitalist correlation?
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    well i was a firefighter, so this is something i feel strongly about.
    and i have been on a false call, a prank call, and it is not a good feeling to show up and realize it. to know how much time and effort you wasted.

    i am not sure that the people who make these kind of calls will ever realize how detrimental they are. i would like to think they will, but probably not.
    to even make a call like this shows such an incredible stupidity and lack of understanding, that i can't really feel anyting but disdain for these people.

    maybe somebody like the lady who called for a date could spend a few hours with a man who's wife was killed in an emergency situation. or a child who lost their parent in an emergency situation. and then see how emergency situations affect the real world.
    but i wouldn't really want to do that to a child. they don't need to be exposed to that kind of a jackass.

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    ROFLthread is ROFL!

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