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    Record companies do not create music. They create demand. They do promotions and sell distribution. That business model have been obsoleted by technology. Without the artificial barriers created by their cronies in government, they would cease to exist.

    The laws implemented on their behalf is contrary to public good. Breaking unfair laws is not immoral. Just don't get caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    I'm wondering if the divide on this issue is between people that grew up with easily downloadable "free" music and those who didn't. When I grew up, the only way to hear music was to listen to the radio, be in a public place playing music, buy a record, or buy a concert ticket. We've ALWAYS paid for music. It was a product like any other.
    I grew up in the days of radio and the early days of MTV. Back then, radio did not suck nearly as much as it does now and even MTV played some decent stuff (headbanger's ball) so I could actualy get free new music without any more effort than turning on the radio. While I can still turn on the radio to get what is popular for this generation and country, there are no longer any stations that play what I want to hear, and the modern incarnation of MTV is even worse. That leaves me with less "free and legal music" options now then in the past. Fortunatly, there are things like streaming music stations now and most bands have myspace pages where you can hear at least some of their music before making a purchasing decision, but IMO, there is a lot more effort involved in finding new music now than there used to be, but if you expend the effort, what you find is probably better than what radio would feed us even if it had not been corporatized to the its modern level.

    As for my generation's equivalent of file sharing, that still existed too, but it did take a little more effort. Tape trading was common when I was a kid. I see file sharing as the natural evolution of that practice. As to whats right or wrong, I can see both sides of the arguement, but in the end I think the best solution is to just say "listen to your conscience". Which works better, guilt or fear? Clearly the record companies think fear does, but on a psychological and pragmatic level I'd disagree, but thats just my oppinion...

    Perhaps younger people grew up thinking that stealing music from the internet was the baseline for how music is distributed...i.e. "they're taking something away from us that we've always had" instead of "we always paid for it, then for a little while some computer geeks found a way to get it without paying for it, and now content providers are just trying to figure out a way to put it back right again."

    The perspective isn't there, and I can tell when I read quotes like the above, where music is seen as some sort of honor system where if you really like it you might buy it, or if you like every song on the album you might buy it. YouTube is not the same. It's like promotion, and you can't take it with you. It's not at all the same thing as downloading a song for your own use on your iPod or to burn to CD. You don't want to buy a whole album? Fine, that's why iTunes sells songs for 99 cents. You don't have the money to buy the music you want? Well, that stinks. There's a lot of things I'd like that I don't have the money for. I just don't understand why people think it's okay just because it's easy to do.
    Do you consider it wrong to want to preview a whole album before you buy it, or is it only wrong if you do that and do not either delete the files when done or purchase the album (or perhaps just purchase teh tracks you like from the album)?

    Lets say one of your favorite bands releases an album you are looking forward to, but you can not buy it in your country, but you know it will be available for you 6-9 months later. Woudl you be a good law abiding citizen and wait the 6-9 months to buy it, or would you then consider somethign like pre-ordering it and then downloading it fair? This is something I'm faced with at least a couple times a year, but it's not always as extreme as a half year or more.

    Back to the tangent of what music should or should not be. I think artists should perform and write music because they enjoy it and/or it gives them a creative outlet of expression. Those that become musicians/artist in hope of wealth or fame are in my oppinon doing it for the wrong reason. For those that do enjoy it and put their heart and creative energy into their art, I beleive they should be rewarded for it, but the question of how much is fair is also an interesting question. I for one will be very curious as to how well the artists doing the "download it for free and contribute what you feel its worth" model will do and how that will compare to artists selling indivudual songs for a reasonable fee. As much as I like my shiney tangible CDs, I'm looking forward to watchign the recording companies die a slow painful death as artists gradualy start to go into business for tehmselves and cut out the current corporate system and go all digital...

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