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Thread: cat-killer

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    This internet group-vigilante justice has been done before. Gotta love it.
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    Killing not food animals is wrong, unless there is a veterinary cause.
    I condone regulated hunting, and that is totally diferent.

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    I wish I could speak on this topic objectively, but I'm a softie when it comes to animals.

    I just... to me, it's like if someone kills a child. The animal did nothing to deserve it. And if they did anything wrong, they were ignorant of it. It's just horrible. It's sick. And it's even sicker if the killer doesn't think it's a big deal.

    And if the Dexter Morgan books are right, then yes, animal killers would definitely be more likely to kill people in the future.
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    He should be forced to work in a veterinarian's office with no pay. During his off time, he should walk the streets wearing a sign that reads "I'm a sicko who enjoys mutilating animals. Visit the following web link to learn more about what I did: [link to news coverage]." If criminals started to get that type of humiliation instead of simply going behind bars, crime rates would surely plummet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Online postings lead police to cat-killer suspect - South Florida -

    How serious do you feel these acts are? What do they suggest about his character? Is he a violent offender, or just a teenager that's able to stomach the deliverence of extreme pranks?

    "Each of the felony counts carries a minimum mandatory fine of $5,000, six months in prison and psychological counseling."

    The minimum is 6 months for each count. There are 19 counts.
    We're talking felony offenses here, according to FLA state law.

    If the police have evidence to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt:

    Maximum penalty allowed by law is what I'd give him.
    He wouldn't be smiling anymore, when I gave him at least 19 years in prison.

    If death were allowed, I'd sentence him to die.
    It would save the world from a future Jeffrey Dahmer.
    Case closed.
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    Look, I'm all for hunting. But what this kid did is far from an outdoor sport. Usually sociopaths start off with hurting animals and next it's people. They need to be locked up. How long? I don't know. I honestly don't believe any of this "rehabilitation" crap that people talk about with inmates. Criminals to not rehabilitate, at least not when they commit these types of violent crimes. I have say across the table from sociopaths in their cells, asking them questions about their crime. They DO NOT CARE and they NEVER will. They will lie to your face without showing any expression whatsoever.

    So, if it were up to me, I'd have him locked up.
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    This kid has some problems for sure.
    While I wouldn't support him getting life in prison, like some of the people have been saying, I think he should be punished somehow for his crime.
    There's no sense in killing so many cats!
    It's just wrong..this isn't hunting.

    First of all, the cats are pets- not deer on legal hunting ground.
    When dealing with animal killers, we need to keep in mind if the animal was allowed to be killed legally or not.
    If the answer is no, the person should be punished.

    "Wiesinger's calico cat, Cami, is believed to be among the early victims. Found in a neighbor's yard on May 13, her eyes had been gouged out and her snout cut off."
    This guy has a sadistic streak and needs to be kept on close watch. The justice system didn't do its job if he ends up going to jail ten years later for killing a human being..

    I think most of us can agree this is a terrible crime.
    However, my question is: What sort of proof do we have that Tyler Weiman was the person who killed these cats?
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