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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmail! View Post
    It won't be the first time Germany will have separate islets outside its main territory.
    No comment, that one is just way too easy...

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    Achhh pfft, at the end of the day, I don't think that Bavaria would REALLY separate - it's just too impractical.

    What I like about the Bavarian party (though I was just kidding about actually voting for it, as I don't know enough about it yet), is that it combines an environmentally friendly world view with a conservative perspective, and that is very rare. Most environmentally friendly parties are completely left-wing, so it leaves you feeling sort of because you don't know whether to follow your feelings for the environment and deal with the socialist junk or have conservative economics, politics, and social views but totally dump the environmental policies.

    Granted, they do have some ideas like social market capitalism (as opposed to free-market capitalism) but I think that getting RID of the social market system would be neither feasible nor advisable. On the other hand, they do have more conservative elements such as getting rid of subsidies and support for failing markets, while upholding the little guy, which I believe is a more conservative idea nowadays.

    The fact that regions should maintain their own identity appeals to me. Just like that party states, I'm not AGAINST globalization, but I AM against just expanding for the sake of expanding, especially at the COST of regional identity.

    I think this party does a fairly good job of combining just/fair ideals with practical elements (with the exception of secession) and more ambitious challenges.

    Whether or not it's actually able to be implemented in today's world is another question. However, I think the theory is quite interesting and worth further study.
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    European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party -Liberal Centrism-

    I'm actually a member of a dutch liberal democratic party.

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