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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    Assuming that there is no awareness after death, that would indicate that there is no purpose to existence, therefore no value to "truth", and therefore no point in accurately believing in something so depressing. Myself, I'm an agnostic who wishes he had the faith to be a Deist and is glad he lacks the faith to be an Atheist. Most people seem to have the ability to ignore doubts and build up (possibly delusional) faith through habituation. They also tend to be happier while alive than those who can't. For this reason, I am very glad that my nieces and nephews are being brought up in a religious (but not fanatical) environment.
    I'm a atheist in the mind but a spiritual person at heart, if that makes sense. But I prefer to think with my head then with my heart, I can't stand people who think with her hearts or have emotions. I truly hate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sona View Post
    I truly hate
    That's a big loss for you because its much better truly Loving! Try it sometime, starting with yourself!

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