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    Now I understand why my first post was not detected as a satire of the anti-same-sex marriage crowd. There are people in this forum stupid enough to have written something like that in sincerity.

    It isn't bigotry to accuse someone of being a bigot, and it isn't bigotry to treat them accordingly. It's the worst kind of relativism to suggest that the entirely appropriate disapproval of the arbitrary exercise of power over a whole demographic is the moral equivalent of that arbitrary exercise of power. Refusing to allow same-sex marriage must have an extreme rational justification, and no rational justification has ever been given. Anyone who persists in the view that we have the right to deprive same-sex couples from one of their rights despite that lack of rational justification can only be a bigot.
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    oh man this is classic

    somebody call Jack Chick
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    Quote Originally Posted by professor goodstain View Post
    Where did "bigot" all of a sudden come from? Gays? Have you no imagination? You take a sacred ritual from straits and now your taking a powerful tool used to describe racists. Racism still exists you know. Stop focusing on all your pretty decors in your apartment, reach deep and make up your own damn words and rituals. You bigots. This is givin me a gaymarriage.

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