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    Default This is just weird

    Report: Blagojevich seeking reality TV show - More politics-

    NBC News and
    updated 5:51 p.m. PT, Tues., April 14, 2009

    In a move that could make MTV's "Surreal Life" look like a Quaker meeting, Rod Blagojevich is trying to become part of a reality TV show set in Costa Rica.

    The NBC show, called "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!," will premier June 1, WMAQ reported on its Web site, The plot would include leaving a group of D-list celebrities in the middle of the jungle and let the plot unfold, on prime time. The show reportedly could pay the impeached former Illinois governor, who is facing federal corruption charges, as much as $80,000 an episode.

    NBC confirmed it wants Blagojevich on the show, saying in a statement: "Rod Blagojevich will be a participant on the show pending the court's approval."
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    According to WMAQ, Blagojevich asked a federal judge Tuesday to allow him to travel if his bond was increased. The impeached governor reportedly is broke and believes the show could help finance his legal defense.

    NBC Entertainment said the live show show would be based on the hit U.K. reality show of the same name. It described the show as "the ultimate 'Swiss Family Robinson' as 10 celebrities are dropped into the heart of the jungle to face fun and comedic challenges designed to test their survival skills."

    NBC said participants would be playing to win money for their favorite charities, with the last remaining star winning the largest share of the donation.

    The show will air throughout the month of June, NBC said.
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    ha ha, what a piece, I wonder if Blagojevich's donation will end up going to acorn.

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    Nah, if anything, he'd set up a charity to cover his legal defense so that all the money can go for that. :P 'cuz, you know, corrupt politicians qualify for aid.
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    It's not so weird if you think from the mindset like the reality show produers here - at this point the reality TV show population's audience is spent and taxed and spread out as far as it can go (1 population can only handle so much product, good parallel example of this is MMORPG populations),..... so, they need to get as wild as they can with it to snatch a good catch....

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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    The plot would include leaving a group of D-list celebrities in the middle of the jungle and let the plot unfold, on prime time.
    Bah! Not another Survivor.
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