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    Quote Originally Posted by bananatrombones View Post
    Mr Pereto knew. Wealth will always drift from the majority to the minority.

    Whether in your great democracy of Finland or the scrub of Somalia.
    I do not know who is Pereto...
    But yes. Wealth drifts to the minority, always. You are right.

    The secretary grabs the dough.

    Koba was the secretary of Molotov. Molotov was the secretary of the first secretary of the Central Committee.
    Koba had a lot of dough. He put them in the drawers.
    His wife shot herself. Or maybe Koba shot her, who knows.

    Her brother came to see him, after the funeral.
    Koba said: Why did this have to happen?
    Then he began to open the drawers.
    Piles and piles of money everywhere.
    Koba said:
    - Why did this have to happen. Look! I have all this dough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metamorphosis View Post
    I suppose the problem is that the term standard of living generally only refers to material comforts available to us and has very little to do with actual emotional health.
    This is an interesting remark. I wonder how one would guage the emotional state of a country. It's important for sure, happiness and all, and yet so vague.

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