Driver Who Kept Money Explains Why | NBC San Diego

I was just curious about people's reactions to this. I personally see nothing wrong with keeping the money despite the fact that I'm Mr "doing what should be done" all all of that. The way I see it, people volunteered to give the pusher their money for something and they got what they wanted. Despite the fact that the transaction was illegal no one was "cheated" and as such I find it difficult to see who the "rightful owner" of the money was other than the guy throwing it out of the window.

If it were Bernie Madoff throwing money out of the window, I could see more of an issue as the people thought they were getting one thing and got something else. But in this case, it seems pretty straightforward to me.

Thoughts? Am I even outside of the realm of other ISTJs? Can reactions to this be traced to your type?

P.S. I tried to figure out another place to put this, but this seemed like the most likely forum with the "current events" label, although this seems to be more politically oriented.