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    I didnít accuse right-wingers per se of being paranoid, but (read my post again that you quoted) specifically the ones who worry about stuff like Obama trying to set up indoctrination camps, like heís the next Chairman Mao or something.
    Trying to look at things objectively, nobody expected a Chairman Mao when Chairman Mao came along.

    Which is not to say that Obama is another Chairman Mao, but just to point out that concern about it is merely extreme, not ludicrous. There already was one. What prevents there being a second?

    I think if everyone bore in mind that any elected leader could potentially become a Mao or a Pol Pot or a Stalin or an Idi Amin or a Nicolae Ceaucescu or a Mussolini or a... well, you get the picture.

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    Obama has the tools of evolution (campus brainwashing/fairness doctrine/Unsecret ballot initiative) to become another hugo chaves.

    When america starts its collection of political prisoners we'll know dude's a dictator.

    But yet we already have a collection of political prisoners. Native americans. Possably justifying (evolution) of a whole new class of political prisoners.

    Will mantatory community servise be impossed on reservations?

    So when folks don't show up to manditory service out of protest, they will be encarcerated. More than likely for political reasons.

    Well good. That way when i'm finished with a long day of mandatory service and decide to down a few, i don't have to sweat a dui because the local jail is too full. Keeping more political people in jail and less criminals.
    everyone uses every function about evenly. take NE for example. if there are those who don't use it much, then why are there such massive amounts of people constantly flowing through Wallmart with 20 items or less?

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    Let me tell you all one reason why I listen to Glenn Beck so much. This guy has one of the best research teams at his disposal. Just about anything he needs to find out, he can find. He's a man with strong character and integrity, respectable, and trustworthy. I listen to his radio show every day for information. This story that I posted in the opening post did not originate from his show, it was something I was hearing from other media outlets. I posted with the disclaimer that one should not fully trust what any of the media is saying about it until someone has time to pick apart the bill and see what's actually in there. One can speculate over some of the language, but the picture is often skewed if you do not look at it critically and thoroughly.

    Well, I did not get this story from the Glenn beck show, nor did I even hear him talk about it until a couple days ago. His team of researchers are analyzing the bill top to bottom, and are not finding that this is at all what it seems in regard to "mandatory service"(i.e., not as bad). He's going to be revealing his findings about the issue at a later date. This sort of careful and controlled handle of the mountain load of information that is bombarding us nowadays is why I have the utmost respect for the guy and always trust that what he says is true or that he at least believes in it. My usual method is to fact check and recheck information from different sources, but that is becoming impossible with the state of the news cycle and the limited time of one human being. So, it is comforting to know that someone out there has a clear vision of how to come up with THE FACTS, reveal them in a way that is meaningful in the big picture perspective, and call out the lies and untruths.

    Not to mention he's Chuck Norris approved .

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