I think the big problem is that people care way too much about what is said on the news. We get flooded with so much information on a daily basis, that we begin to reject anything that is said that doesn't agree specifically with how we want to see the world. The people watching Cramer couldn't see past their own noses to see the truth behind his words. They wanted to believe that he was correct. Even if there was an opposing viewpoint to his soaring appraisals of certain companies, people would have believed him - there's no time anymore to find the entire truth behind a situation. Only to have your already existing beliefs reaffirmed back at your face.

I don't know if this can change.. it's sad that it can't. No one cares about anything anymore. It's gotten to the point where the media is just this giant, faceless, nameless organization. I think that's why Jon Stewart gets so much publicity. He treats it like a joke, and through the humor, you start to see the mindless absurdity that encompasses all of our daily lives. Not just little political gaffes, not just news reel blunders, but everything. Nothing is real anymore; nothing is substantial. Jon Stewart plays a bigger role in television than he knows he does. I hope that, in the future, us young people of the world will hopefully start to see through the lies fed to us by our corporate overlords, and then, maybe, we can finally start living to live, rather than to consume everything we can.