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Is this a fact? Anyone can answer and again, I'm genuinely asking - I don't know. Is there a finite amount of warm vs cool temps on earth and they only change places but never increase or decrease in total?
Agriculture occupying a temperature band is fact... The "never increase or decrease" is essentially what global warming is - an increase of heat energy, which leads to higher temperatures. Given a fixed system, then yes - "temperatures" can only change places, never increase or decrease. They are derived from the distribution of heat energy. In reality, the system is adaptive... by adding more CO2, for instance, you increase the amount of heat being absorbed and held in the atmosphere, rather than being sunk or lost. So, despite no additional energy (ie: solar) being added, the temperatures can still change (as a whole).

Hmmmm. Don't like the word "always" in here. Again - fact? Truth?
AFAIK, fact. I don't know of any exceptions - frictional losses are never positive. It doesn't say anything about the end result - that is, change can happen and be net positive, if the new conditions are better and last long enough. However, all change from status quo carries a cost (to re-establish a new status quo).

I was talking about a nation state - couldn't something that benefits Canada hurt a country that...isn't Canada? And no, I am *not* advocating this! Or am I? Look out, world!
Yes, it could. In aggregate, however, humans lose. Lower production of food means less to consume, even if there is somewhat of a trade off on the other side of the planet.