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    haha, so its in the press finally, well they took their time

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    haha, so its in the press finally, well they took their time
    I knew it!
    "The views of absolutists and purists everywhere should be noted in fierce detail, then meticulously and thoroughly printed onto my toilet paper ply."

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    This is a fine story! I'm eagerly awaiting some future installments:

    Man leaps garden shed in single bound, then outruns minature train - finally meets match in Crystal Healing shop when owner crowns him with lump of jade.

    Caped, masked man knocks himself unconscious whilst testing his rocket powered grappling hook in disused warehouse. His teenage companion released after questioning.

    Man turns slightly green as a result of a quarrel in a checkout queue, four security staff can barely restrain his rage.

    Man runs amuk with spiked metal knuckledusters, injuring several in berzerk rage - multiple tazerings required to bring him down.

    Former ballerina in skimpy costume practises martial arts in crowded mall - is removed by security for attempting to lasoo passers-by.

    Man in stars and stripes suit carrying round shield SUCKS!

    What happened to you, O my childhood heroes?
    Look into my avatar. Look deep into my avatar...

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