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    18 here in Australia which seems logical enough for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    I, for one, don't want to raise children for whom alcoholic beverages are a forbidden novelty. That seems a recipe for disaster.
    I agree.

    That is why I am quite content with our drinking laws here in Britain, of a drinking age of over 5 years old in private, and a purchase age of 16 when bought with a meal or 18 years old otherwise. I would not be against getting rid of the drinking age totally and keeping our purchase age.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thalassa View Post
    Oh our 3rd person reference to ourselves denotes nothing more than we realize we are epic characters on the forum.

    Narcissism, plain and simple.

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    18 or 19 sounds about right for drinking/voting/joining the military/signing contracts. 16 or so sounds about right for driving/smoking/sexual consent. Of course, everyone matures differently, so they're estimates.
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