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    Default I'm unfocused, but is Obama?

    Well, since others have posted their worries, concerns, hopes, etc. about the new U.S. administration already, I thought I would start my own thread.

    I would like this thrad to be a serious one, so I ask people to refrain from smart-alec comments, and single phrase, or picture posts without elaboration...I will be asking mods/admins to do what is needed.

    First off, I want to say, I am not a policy wonk when it comes to the executive branch. I am not looking for someone to represent me here (I do that in the legislative branch).

    I want someone simply competent enough to do a few things...

    (1) Avoid/Prevent crisis if posssible to do so. --economic, National Security, Foreing Relations, whatever.
    (2) Manage crisis properly. This may mean simply saying that ther will be pain, and making things clear why there will be.
    (3) Tractable, focused improvements to the system as a whole.

    I ended up voting for Obama. The main reasons were:
    (a) The "culture war" focus--which I think creates insularity, which leads to closing off of inputs, which means poor (1) and possibly poor (2). Sarah Palin's nomination was the culmination of this error in jusgment in my mind.
    (b) McCain's erratic behavior during the early part of the financial crisis, indicating poor (2). I like that Obama is cool under fire.

    I want this administration and this country to suceed--like I am sure most people who are pragmatic would.

    However, there is one major thing that worries me about Obama...that is a seeming lack of focus. I am not surprised I didn't get it, but I really hoped Obama would essentially be talking about economic recovery everyday, most of the day.

    He has over turned a lot of executive orders, which was expected...but really, I thought we would be revealing a lot more about his stimulus particular highlighting what the reasons are that we believe it will work, and what indicators, measures, etc. we will use to tell if it is working. I would also like to also know what our contingencies are.

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    I know that my position is somewhat controversial but this is what I think.

    1. Obama has to fix so many things sot he can't have a focus.

    2. There is not much that can be done in economy if general rules stay as they are.
    Before elections I did same threads about this.

    If there is anyway that economy can be fixed the last administration would have started the process long ago.

    The thing is that some things are much different then in the past.
    Babyboomers are going into the retirement.
    EU and China are strong economic competition to the US. Only 10 years ago both of them were not that much important on the scene. Since China's economy was much weaker and before € EU did not even exist in this sphere.
    What I am trying to say is that US is not so untouchable as its citizens are used to. What in the end means that you no longer can do what you want and what you need.

    This kinds of things can be discussed in more detail.

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    I don't think it's possible for the President to really have a focus considering how much crap there is to handle right now. That is what the cabinet is for.
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    YES WE CAN *unfocused here as well* *runs naked down the street shouting* YES WE CAN

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    I’ll start by saying, there is nothing wrong with having these discussions…However, It is beneficial to also to ask ourselves.: Why we are talking so much about the presidency than ever before; all sides of opinions.
    If we ask ourselves that, what are the answers? Why do we feel hope or trust, or mistrust and fear toward government leaders? Because we know they have power over our lives.
    I try to remember that there are many politicians who effect policy that directly affect our lives every day. I Also know they have limited power. To really change things, we have to change ourselves on a personal level. But few people want to talk about that.
    We should be talking about that, and I would post this if W was still prez. or if McCain had been elected. I am not being political, I am being sincere. We need to change ourselves and our entire culture and rethink the way we live and the way we affect the world. But we are too focused on politics fixing everything.
    The economy sucks because capitalistic cultures that take advantage of every other culture and country’s resources cannot last. We’re in so deep, I have no clue how to fix it, but, we need to start with each of ourselves personally in order to cause a change for the better. I don’t think many, if any politicians can help much.
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    The most important thing is to not set your expectations for this administration too high. What he needs to "focus" on is damage-control in regards to the economy. The first action that should be taken in regards to this focus is a withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, we can't be spending money that we don't have on a 'war' that shouldn't exist, the national security budget of the last presidency was just ridiculous. Then he should try to counter unemployment through "new dealesque" type measures, especially in regards to alternative energy sources and industries that can use them. I think that these are the two necessary things that must be done, though very bottom line and obvious.

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    I think it's too soon to say he's unfocused. He is obviously focused on the economic problems. One of his stated focuses is green/alternative energy. We are not the only country that needs it. The whole world does. The trick would be to produce an alternative that's more attractive than oil. Either we ramp up the price of oil or produce a superior (more economical) alternative. That will take time and research spending. Once we have such an alternative we make a product and sell it all over the world. We don't even have to create revolutionary product. We could just produce relatively cheap, high quality technology with our economies of scale. The Chinese produce cheap crap. They compete of price. We can't compete on price, but we can compete on technology. It's all about the value proposition. People will pay more if they think the more expensive good is better value.

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