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    Could we get the discussion off of U.S. Government hypocrisy and back to Hate Speech? It was getting interesting.

    There is no such thing as separation from God.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    I don't have a problem with most of this stuff, but I do have a problem with hate crime statutes in general. The concept is flawed and counterproductive.
    To me it's another example of an almost fascistic trend in this country where the state determines what is right and wrong as opposed to any sort of moral compass stemming from the culture and/or religion of the populace. The court of law will determine what is "hateful" and will go farther to punish those with "hate" behind their wrong doings. Addressing the rough 50% of you who continuously bitch and moan about religions, I see no difference between God or Jesus telling you what is wrong or righteous and judging you for your thoughts and actions. The only difference is that it's the government dictating such "laws" and judging you by them. You wont be damned in hell for your "hatred", but you'll be damned in jail. This is a seriously flawed operandi.

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