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Man that truly is irrefutable evidence though. Saved on my USB since no one has yet to claim it false, simply because it is scientifically factual. The endless search for an individual to disprove it..

But just for more insult to injury, when they say one isn't enough (which it is in this case) how about more.

Professors Question the 9/11 Commission Report
Amongst your list you only have four real engineers (out of 100 names), and theologians (22!!!) are by far the most numerous (and just after them, political activists from extreme ideologies). Do you think theologians, psychotherapists, anthropologists and theatre professors can add some credibility to your delirious theories? How?

Furthermore, many names shown here are those of mythomaniac liars (like the infamous Steven Jones), whose laughable scientific mistakes made the headlines of Nature in the past, long before the 9/11 occured.

Some of the people shown here don't even have a real PhD (William Rice, for instance, who was revealed as a fraud), and some others were included into that list without being asked (For instance Bachmann and Schneider, because they would in fact disagree with the so-called 9/11 conspiracy scenario).



Why do you choose to believe four clown-like elderly engineers, when thousands others would immediately disagree (let's say 99% of them)?
Why do you intentionally pick the most unlikely hypothesis of the two?

I work in the largest architecture school of France. And none of our structural engineers would disagree with what happened during the 9/11. I can even testimony than the one who was a specialist of steel structures predicted that the buildings were about to collapse, and how, about twenty minutes before they did.

So why?
Why fighting for such a lost cause?


There have to be something deeply irrational under your motives, and I think nobody will be able to correct this bias. Just as Victor pointed, conspiracy theorists are like religious zealots: they are impervious to common sense, and blind to what is in fact obvious. What they want to believe is more important than the real world.