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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    That's nothing compared to how unrepresentative America was not that long ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post

    You have to look at these things in a larger context, because you run the risk of being seen as a false alarmist, which erodes credibility.
    A commonly held perception. It's a false perception, because the fact is, there is nothing WRONG or BAD about being alarmist WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT! While some people sit around twiddling their thumbs and screaming out "la la la la la" with their fingers jammed in their ears in their attempts to ignore what some "alarmists" are saying, there are others who will actually throw their own fears aside and actually look at the issues for what they are. I would say that some (some, not all) of the "alarmists" among us are building a better track record than those who are constantly jamming their fingers into their ears. When time proves me wrong, take my credibility away. When it shows me right, recognize it. In the end I don't give a darn about credibility; it's about standing up and having the damn balls to state the facts, and paint the big picture, despite how unpopular it may be.

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    The internet has tons of content that shows and discusses real world illegal activity. You can go to Youtube now and see people doing illegal drugs, for example. Child pornography, because of it's severity, is considered a special case.
    Discussing a crime isn't the same as committing a crime. I know there are a lot of videos online of people doing illegal drugs and as far as I know, in Canada at least, there haven't been any moves to identify and prosecute people. The legal structure to do so is, however, in place. I don't think new laws are needed. Censoring images of people doing illegal drugs (for example) is not the same thing as it being illegal to do drugs.

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